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  1. Should be sweet, only one way to find out ? of course there’s not gonna be any scrubbing issues when you’re riding around town at 4x4 height ?
  2. 235/40 or 245/40 is best for an 18x9 up front. +32 offset will sit well. once you move up to a 255 tyre you are meant to drop to a 35 profile. I found 255/35 to be a good size for the rear but if you can fit wider then go for gold. Fatter tyre at the back always looks good 18x9.5+20 is a common size but fitment all depends on your suspension. i had it fit well on my 34 sedan With rolled guards but a few pages back - someone else said it was too pokey. If you want to keep factory guards unrolled then I recommend 8.5 up front and 9.5 rear, somewhere around the +25 or +30 offset region
  3. Was moving the loom simply a matter of tying it up higher? Or did you have to disconnect/ re feed it to the outside of the chassis like in your pic
  4. a 265 is far too big on the front and with a +40 offset you’ll likely have issues clearing suspension - especially on full lock. 8.5 is better if you don’t want stretch tyres, a 235 will fit nicely. +22, definitely not +40 or the wheel will be far too recessed inside the guards
  5. I always thought the coupe rear guards were wider. I also had 2 different guard rollers tell me the sedan rear guards could be rolled but not pumped as it buckles the door latch and affects the rear door - unlike the coupe
  6. Strange as the fronts definitely poked more from the guards when I was running 9.5j +20 square set up on my sedan. Pics above with the xt7’s should confirm. must be difference in coil overs?
  7. It will sit 2.5mm out more than the photos I posted above with the bronze work xt7’s below is a couple more pics of my sedan with 18x9.5j +20 fronts, 235/40 tyre 18x10.5j +25 rears, 275/35 tyre. as you can see the tyre is poking out a bit too much at the rears and caused scrubbing which resulted in me getting 2 degrees negative camber as opposed to 255/35 tyres which would be a better solution and also match the stretch on the front
  8. This is a square set of 18x9.5j wide +20 offset. 235 tyre front, 255 tyre rear. rolled guards, no camber
  9. Agreed but I believe it is a fairly safe size if you want to mount fat tyres the white r34 is probably running spacers. to get that flush finish with some tyre stretch it’s best to use a 9.5 wide wheel with +15-20 offset. You can make a 235 stretch nicely and still fit a 255 at the back. Seems to be a fairly common size amongst most brands
  10. Looks like a 245/40 front and 265/35 rear might be 255 rear but 265 should fit easy, could even probably work a half to full degree positive camber if you’re making some power to put to ground. always best to check clearance to your suspension as that will be the deciding factor
  11. Hey man, can you confirm how much psi the turbo is running at? did you need the 10mm spacer to put it on the stock manifold? I have a hks 2835 Kai internally gated and making 300kw on 19 pounds, (e85) wondering if I can get a bigger spring actuator to hold around 22 pounds or if I bite the bullet and upgrade to this instead. im also running a Pfc but gonna upgrade to a link with flex tune as the pfc boost controller is letting me down. 1170cc injectors on the stock fuel rail. Any reason you went forward facing plenum and fuel rail upgrade?
  12. both options will fit, the square set will look better and more chance of clearing the front brakes depending on the disk type.
  13. A 265 wide tyre should only be running 35 sidewall not 40. This should solve the issue
  14. Strange that they don’t fit. What tyres you running? I have 18x9.5 +20 on my fronts with 235 rubber and they clear easily maybe you are running too much tyre on the front? Otherwise you could get a wheel alignment and possibly adjust camber half a degree
  15. Minimum 3 degree camber and ultra stretched tyres ? 235s and 245s
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