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  1. Price dropped to $12,000
  2. 2004 Nissan Stagea PM35 350RX VQ35DE RWD, same engine and drive line as locally delivered 350Z so parts and servicing is easy. 140kg lighter than 2.5lL Turbo 4WD models. Facelift model with black heated leather electric seats, near new tyres, factory tinted windows, twin climate control, xenon head lights ,ABS - traction control, tow bar in immaculate condition inside and out, kept in garage. Very good performance, comfort and practicality only selling because I now have a company car. 136000 km $13,000. It will come with a roadworthy certificate and registration has been paid until December 2017. Contact Chris 0430 011 069
  3. BC BR Type RS or BC V1 Design VS The stock shocks on my PN35 RWD are fairly tired and not giving the damping they should. It sounds like BC coil overs are the best bet for a cost effective upgrade for general street use. But which model? The BC BR Type RS and BC V1 Design VS sound almost the same and only $100 between them. Same adjustment, both mono tube, same spring rates and both rubber mounts. The only difference seems to be a slightly larger piston and cylinder size on the BR Type RS but for general street use I wouldn't think this would make much difference http://justjap.com/bc-racing-coilover-suspension-kit-nissan-stagea-m35-2wd-d-33-rs.html http://justjap.com/bc-racing-coilover-suspension-kit-nissan-stagea-m35-2wd-d-33-vs.html
  4. C34 Stagea Heavy Duty Tow bar Custom Tow bar I had made a few years ago for my old C34 but never fitted New Never used but some scratches and chips in the paint from sitting around for years $500 Pick Up from North Melbourne Victoria
  5. Hi AR510 What didn't you like about the sound of the Stillen? To loud, quiet or drone? Are you talking about hitech in Melbourne? How much did the hitech system set you back? I'd love to hear the hitech but I'm in Melbourne Thanks
  6. It's hard to find much locally and even most of the stuff on YHJ is for the VG25det cars. I've watched plenty of the US youtube clips but you cant tell much by some yank holding their phone in front of the outlet and reving it
  7. I've been having a poke around under my new PM35 RWD with VQ35DE and the exhaust looks very restrictive and tired. (A few pics attached) It's next on my list to replace after rad and trans cooler. I had an Apexi system on my C34 which droned a bit to much so I don't want anything too loud but it would be good to liven it up a bit . There doesn't seem to be much available locally but from my research a system from a G35 sedan will bolt up. I'm liking the look of the Stillen system https://conceptzperformance.com/stillen-504370-catback-exhaust-system-infiniti-g35-sedan-03-06-rwd-and-awd-v35_p_423.php or maybe Borla but it doesn't look as well made https://conceptzperformance.com/borla-140093-true-dual-catback-exhaust-system-infiniti-g35-03-06-sedan-rwd-vq35de-v35_p_393.php They are both twin pipe systems which I'd think will be less likely to drone than a larger single pipe but the Tanabe with a Y pipe looks good too. https://conceptzperformance.com/tanabe-t70082-medallion-touring-y-pipe-back-exhaust-system-infiniti-g35-sedan-03-06-v35_p_12249.php https://conceptzperformance.com/tanabe-t50063-medallion-touring-y-pipe-infiniti-03-06-sedan-03-07-coupe-g35-v35_p_10057.php Dose any one have any experience with any of these or thoughts on other options?
  8. I'm thinking about one of these too but would be good to know how well they work. That is if Commsman is not doing kits anymore.
  9. What about the OE 350Z body brace as per the attached photos. Are the mounting points there on the M35?
  10. Anyone know if the OE Undercarriage Body Tunnel W Brace fitted to 350Z and G35 coups fit on the M35? I figure if Nissan thought it necessary to add it to the more sporty models it could be a good addition on an M35.
  11. Thanks iamhe77 I though that would be the right.
  12. Do RWD PM35's with the VQ35 have an external auxiliary trans cooler or just the exchanger in the Rad? I'm interstate and trying to order a new rad but can only get one without the trans cooler quickly. The seller is willing to through in an trans cooler for free. I'm guessing I should add a thermostat as well so that it gets up to operating temp quicker given the fluid won't be going through the rad. Thanks
  13. I've just picked up a PM35 with VQ35DE and noticed the top Radiator tank is on it's way out with a crack starting under the filler. It sounds like this is a common issue. Which replacement radiator should I go for? It looks like there are 2 sizes and two mounting types. 400 x 686 or 400 x 730? I'm guessing one suits series 1 with the VQ25DET and the other Series 2 with the VQ35DE http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NISSAN-SKYLINE-V35-AT-MT-POLISHED-ALLOY-RADIATOR-CORE-400x686mm-/272198855054?hash=item3f6050e98e http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NISSAN-SKYLINE-V35-AUTO-MANUAL-POLISHED-ALLOY-RADIATOR-CORE-400x730mm-/280996157584?hash=item416cad1890 Given the plastic top tank and cooling is a common issue I'm assuming it makes sense to go for the aluminium end tank option Pin mount to rectangle mount? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Radiator-Nissan-Stagea-M35-V6-Auto-Manual-2002-07-Pin-Fan-Mounts-New-Koyo-/190638505278?fits=Plat_Gen:M35&hash=item2c62f0bd3e http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Radiator-Nissan-Stagea-M35-V6-Auto-Manual-02-07-Rectangle-Fan-Mounts-New-Koyo-/191157820160?fits=Plat_Gen:M35&hash=item2c81e4db00 I have not had a chance to pull it out yet and measure correctly but want to get one on order so I can hopefully get it changed out over the weekend. Thanks
  14. I'm getting old so pulled these out of my car to replace them with something softer. I've probably only done 10,000km- 15,000k on them so are essential as new. They can be picked up from North Melbourne or Clayton Vic Asking $600 Chris 0430 011 069