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  1. Yes, it's all there still. I have a couple of guys thinking about taking the whole car/s so that is preferable to me than parting it out. But if that changes I'll let you know. If you tell me what you might be looking for I'm keeping a list so I don't give bits away to wrong people. Cheers, Leon
  2. Hi Andy, Long time between chats mate :). I'm keeping a list of people/parts so will add these for you. I suspect the only way I'm going to clear out the shed is in bits & pieces, but won't start stripping it for a month or two just in case someone comes forward for the lot.
  3. I've got a '02 silver M35 with most of the mods. Engine runs but it popped a ring when my fuel pump played up. I've also got a wreck I bought that has a good engine, although I've never heard it running. The plan was an engine swap rather than rebuild the broken one. They've been in my shed for ~8 years & life moves on. If anyone wants to take both cars (treat like a barn find), that will save me some effort. Otherwise, I have a son & his mates that are able to strip the goodies from my old car & part them out to fund their own projects & I'll dump the shells. The 'good' car comes with: BC coil overs HDi Intercooler Whiteline Sway bars Work wheels TV tuner, reverse camera, cruise control, GPS in Eclipse 726e head unit. Black leather interior, sunroof Blitz NUR spec touring cat-back exhaust (3.5inch), 3 inch Scotty's custom dump pipe, 3 inch front pipe & 100 cel cat Hi-flowed turbo, custom air intake (original parts kept) G'box has shift kit installed The other has been stripped of all the parts the wrecker could easily pull off & sell, so it's simply an engine/gearbox/diff in a partially rolling shell. $3,800 ono will get you everything, including parts that were bought & never installed. I'm located near Byron Bay in northern NSW.
  4. Cheers, but still happy to cover for your time. I'll message you the details soon.
  5. Hi guys & girls There are 2 brake rotors/hats at a Braeside workshop that I need collected. If anyone lives nearby, or passes close to this area occasionally, & would like to make a quick $100 (plus I'll pay for shipping to get them to me), please PM me for details. Cheers Leon
  6. Or pin 27 on TCU (yellow/black wire).
  7. This must be a relatively new policy Stao. I'm glad you are offering a bigger range of turbos now & working with clients to ensure they get a product that meets their requirement. My hi-flow is/was slower everywhere (around my area) except in 'drag strip' driving. You should do well with the more responsive versions. All the best. Edit: I was slow typing my reply & didn't read the few posts above. I didn't want to turn this into a Hypergear bashing exercise & had already tamed down my post. There is so much more to say....
  8. Haha, OK then, probably not a setup. I'll climb in tomorrow afternoon & see what it will take to get them out. If easy enough I'm sure I could get them to you at a very fair price.
  9. The guy that smashed them is probably the guy selling them on Ebay, lol. How hard are they to remove? My wreck has both, but I guess you need them in a hurry.
  10. All gone, finally. No one bother me about these for a while, PLEASE. (But you can still message me for install questions).
  11. I have one kit left that was destined for a guy who had the switches already. He's had enough time & obviously changed his mind (the problem with all 'group buys') so it's available. I'll message the 2 guys above.
  12. So far everything that comes up with a Google search is: P0805 Clutch Position Sensor Circuit Mmm, that doesn't sound right.
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