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  1. Maybe I am showing my age but I ran that style of rear window louvre on coupes, sedans and hatchbacks during the 70's and 80's. During hot weather in coupes they reduce cabin temps a lot especially if your car has a large flat rear window. Styling wise it comes down to the specific car - some looked good but most cars looked average. The Mach I Mustangs had them made from aluminium instead of plastic and they looked great. Enough rambling for one day. And if you are really desperate I have one of the white ones still in one of our parts cars in the back yard.....
  2. Victory

    That is my point - if you go for Series II coupe headlights like the picture above they are a plug and play for a Series I.
  3. Victory

    I have converted an R33 coupe from a Series 1 to a Series 2 by replacing the bonnet, lights, grill and front bar. It was a simple swap over of parts. To convert a Series 1 sedan to a Series 2 sedan is more involved because the Series 2 sedan uses headlights that are different to every other R33. The Series 2 sedan has a different radiator support panel, H4 instead of H1 headlights with different wiring and side lights between the headlight and the parking light that turn on when you use the indicators when your headlights are on. Welcome to the world of Camry shaped Skylines.
  4. Nice to see that you are back in a GTR. What happened to the EVO - couldn't you cope with the product in your hair and the gayness?
  5. I had to replace the fuel cap and reseal the fuel neck restrictor before I completely fixed the fuel leaking issue on our track car.
  6. Victory

    Really I am just pleased that Nissan are continuing to support our cars.
  7. Victory

    I would also suggest that the residue is from using tap water instead of distilled water in the coolant. A couple of flushes of the system should go a long way towards removing those mineral deposits from the system.
  8. Victory

    And this would have nothing to do with the 25 year rule in the USA and Nissan wanting to cash in on this new market. Factory parts plus GTR tax plus Nismo tax equals great profit margin for Nissan.
  9. Just Jap also have them for $700 each. The last time that I priced them from Nissan I think they wanted $1,200 each for them. They are getting hard to find second hand in good condition and if you do locate some expect the price to reflect the new price.
  10. Victory

    The GTR is not slow in a straight line by any means - go Nissan
  11. Victory

    Sold - thanks Chris
  12. Thanks tridentti150v for the parts. Guilt-Toy - The rear pods are for a R32 GTS-T and my son has already picked them up for his 32.
  13. Just to clarify are the parts in Wagga or Canberra?