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  1. I have only ever used Redline Lightweight Shockproof in my four manual R33s with no issues. It makes the gearbox much smoother than any other gear oil that I have used previously. Some of the claims that have been made about Redline Lightweight Shockproof include it being able to be used for 400,000 km without needing to be changed. On this basis when I was once doing an oil change after 40,000 km in a R33 it came out very clean so my son reused it in his Mazda 626. That was over 210,000 km ago and that gearbox is still going great with oil that is now over 250,000 km old. This is my experience with Redline Lightweight Shockproof.
  2. The shed looks great Neil and you time in BMW workshops is evident in the layout. I hate to say it but you are the first person that I know who is more organised than me. I love the use of the same storage boxes as I have and the layout of the shed. I really hate it when you are looking for something that you know you have and you cannot find it. You then go and buy some and sure enough you find it the next day. This is only compounded further when you have a lot of stuff. It gets seriously cold in your part of the world so lining the walls and installing insulation is a great move. Keep up the good work because I need some more good ideas to copy at my place.
  3. Hi mate, I have a good pair of R33 GTS25 rear calipers that would solve your problem. I have just cracked each of the slide bolts on both calipers to confirm that they will come apart easily. I will send you a PM with pictures.
  4. It is great to hear from you Neil. It sounds like country life agrees with you and to have a proper shed as well as a garage for your street cars is a dream that we all have.
  5. I also have a factory manual R33 Series II sedan in KR4 Silver - welcome to the sedan club. The front and rear bars and the rear wing are standard for that model as are the fog lights/indicators. As a Series II it will also have front turning lights that come on when the headlights are on and you use the indicators. The other challenge is that because it has Series II headlights it has a unique radiator support panel that is different to every other R33. You are also right about the stickers over the factory gauges.
  6. This car looks even more amazing in real life. I was recently staying in a motel in Bendigo on my way back from Adelaide where this car was in the car park next to my Cima. I was just about to take some pictures of it when the owner came out and I was too embarrassed and put my phone back in my pocket.
  7. Mark if you want to be a real bogan now that you have a Commo you will have to install the mandatory bow tie badges. My daughter who is not a car enthusiast always says "bow tie badges on a Commo would make baby Jesus cry" whenever she sees a Commo with them. Go on you know that you want to.
  8. Duncan that supercharger kit looks amazing - we should do a group buy.
  9. Mark if you are looking at four door sedans than you need to consider real cars and become a member of the Cima family with me and Duncan. This is the sort of limo that the wife would enjoy.
  10. Clinton and I will be there with one of our new toys.
  11. Looks good - often a simple solution can make the job easier and save heaps of time. Love the traditional hat ! ! !
  12. Now you are getting very close as that car is a CIma Y51 Hybrid that comes with the new the 3.5L V6 hybrid VQ35HR engine and was released in April 2012. Looks like you will need all of the three guesses to pick the correct car.
  13. I am afraid that you are incorrect with your first guess and I would love to have a street car like that. What I can say is that it has a factory thirty two valve quad cam V8 and is a two wheel drive. And no it is not a Kelly brothers Altima or a V8 Patrol but it does have a Nissan V8 motor from the same family.
  14. Sounds like a great opportunity to give our new Nissan toy an outing. I bet that no one will have any idea what it is.
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