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  1. Thanks Victory! Never thought I'd be a fan of the R33 sedans, but this model just looks a lot nicer & sharp..? Opposed to the other 33 sedans anyway. As for the gauges, I'd like to get them back to normal. Hoping thats a thing that can be done anyway. Otherwise someone local is selling a manual cluster with only 4000kms more than my own
  2. Thanks for that info! I did find my exact model through the link posted above. It was just the front end that didn't make sense to me. But thanks to Duncan, I think I know whats going on. As for the dash, I'm pretty sure its some shitty cheap sticker over the top. Looks very tacky, not lined up properly to the needle holder thing. The engine & condition reflect on the kms.. all original hoses, air filter, hose clamps. All had original paint dots on the hoses/clamps still. Can never be 100% certain these days though . As for the stagea, shes been defected 😭
  3. Hey people! I've recently bought this 1996 series 2 R33 GTST sedan. When the guy was selling it, he advertised it as 'm-spec' A bit of study & I've realised there is no such thing. Rather 'M model' But the body kit I have on my car still doesn't match up when I search online for it. Any info on what particular model I have (If any) would be appreciated. I bought it for $9700, 111xxxkm, manual, complete stock, zero rust etc.. very well kept. Thanks for reading!
  4. Thanks for the info! Apprecate it. Yeah the touch screen was shattered when I bought the car, so I took the plastic/glass touch screen film off (attached via ribbon cable) just for a cleaner look. When the interior lights go at on night, all the buttons illuminate apart from the right hand side air con buttons. Was kind of hoping I could remove the unit & replace the air con with a single din air con unit from another C34. I don't have social media so resulting to forums & such. Cheers.
  5. Hi first time posting . May sound like a noob, new to the jap car scene. I've recently bought a 97 c34 stagea. Just have a couple questions that i couldn't get an answer online anywhere. First; on my front grill my badge instead having the RS4 says 'prestige touring wagon Is that a special model of any kind or just a varient of badge? Second; my original head unit for the wagon is a Japanese touch screen tv, it has the air con buttons to the right of the screen. But cannot get my air con to work in any way. Was wondering if I could plug in a single din climate control unit from another stag? I'll try upload some pics to make my question easier. Thanks in advance.
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