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Fs Greddy Emanage Profec Full Kit+ Xtras-tas Only


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I have the following for sale from a project that I haven't got time to complete due to moving interstate.

Originally all these bits were for a ford capri convertible which was going to get a turbo transplant and a ground up rebuild.

- $1500 1990 Ford Capri convertible Series II. Car is part disassembled, Engine is fully pulled down. Needs a new crank and gearbox but would suit an mazda b6t import engine(that was what i was going to do). Also needs a bit of panel beating on the nose as girlfriend tried to push a dirty magna out of the way. Also comes with brand new set of jamex lowed springs(not fitted).

- $1200 ALL NEW Greddy emanage complete kit. Includes:

E-manage Blue + PRofec E-01 + Support Tool + Ignition Harness + Injector Harness + PRofec E-01 External Signal Harness + PRofec E-01 Pressure Sensor Harness + PRofec E-01 Remote Switching System + PRofec E-01 6 feet USB Cable

This kit will fit most jap imports, supports 150% bigger injectors, full ignition and injector control. More info check out: http://www.mohdparts.com/emanage/index.htm...ackage%20Deals: This is where i bought this lot from.

- $350 BRAND NEW Momo trek(grey) steering wheel. https://www.autotek.com.au/shoponline/produ...play&merchID=41

- $550 BRAND NEW pair Hurricane Car Seats. They are a recaro copy. Same as the seats in the bright yellow r33 gtst getting around lonnie.

- $200 BRAND NEW 2 way car alarm. Has lcd key ring and remote start. I'll hunt down it's full specs and post later.

- $20 BRAND NEW Central locking kit.

If anyone is interested I will sell all the above for $3500. Also the greddy gear comes as a kit and I won't seperate it.

For more info shoot me a PM. BTW I'm in Lonnie and would like to sell these locally if possible.







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Some more pics of the greddy gear are available at:


Dont want to put a dampner on things mate but your sorta barking up the wrong tree advertising it here.

Most peeps on this forum know you can get a PFC for under $900 and 99.99% would prefer that over the GReddy unti.

Dont get me wrong the E managment is great but now that the new ultimate is on the market is kinda seems silly for someone to buy a less superior product.

But thats just my 2cents and dont take it to heart, good luck with the sale and i'll spread the word around about your gear 4sale :P

Cheers B

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grandmasterb thanks for your input. What alot of people don't realise is that individually the e-manage and profec e-01 are merely a good piggy back engine management and a excellent boost controller. But when implemented together(via usb cable) they give you more features and heaps easier setup, tuning and data logging than a PFC.

I have been involved in setting up both on a number of different cars and hands down I'd go for the greddy just for the extra features, integration and easy of use.

The Ultimate is great but the e-manage blue suits 90% of most tuned cars on the road and is a hell of alot cheaper.

UPDATE: Greddy gear has been sold.

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