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Pwr Steer Pump From Rb30 To Rb20


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I would like to install a power steering pump from an RB30 (Aussie model Skyline / VL) onto my RB20DET. I understand that I will need to change the pulley type due to the amount of grooves differing from model to model, but is that it?

Is the offset the same between the two pumps, that is, do the pulleys end up in the same place

Does the RB30 bracket bolt straight up to the RB20 block?

Does the top hose fit directly? Do the inlets feature the same thread?

Any help would be great!

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Hi all,

Here is an update - the conversion did not go too well.

1. The Bolt on the top bracket of the BR30 pump needs to be backed up with 10 mm of washers or something else so that the barcket will clear the back of the cam cover.

2. The inlet into the pump fouls on the top of the A/C compressor.

3. The inlet to the pump is smaller that the inlet to the RB20 pump which means that the existing hose from the resevoir needs to be replaced / changed.

4. The pulleys are not interchangeable as the RB20 pulley fouls everywhere on the RB30 pump - these are not inetrchangeable. It has been suggested that the 3 ribbed RB30 belt will work on the 4 ribbed RB20 harmonic balance - I think that this works.

All-in-all this was a failed converstion. I don't understand how others have done this since it did not work for me for the reasons above.


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