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rims wanted ... ADVICE/HELP?? :/


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have had my eye on these for my NA GTS R33 for ages.


finally got the cash together for them and went to order them at Bob Jane in Cannington, Perth after being told i could get them no problem.

I got told today that allwheels only get excess supply from lenso and that unless somebody orders 100 of them so that Lenso actually fire up the machines and make more, i can't get them :)

i don't suppose anyone has any advice or knows of anywhere that does have them??

they are also from tenzoR but i am not sure who actually makes them officially.

i REALLY want this wheel for my car. if not though, has anyone seen similar or anything good? i also like the look of a racinghart wheel but they can be pricey.

any help appreciated :P

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