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  1. topi

    Updated pix of the GTR

    Awesomnia. Nice pictures aswell.
  2. Id be interested aswell. The amount of stuff I see going that I could do with..
  3. I sure am! Lol. I knew about 5 Japanese words max, and I had no trouble at all. I did have a Japanese guy that spoke good English explaining stuff to me though, which I guessed helped alot. Just take it easy and dont panic, people are cool about it aslong as you dont start going all mental.
  4. topi

    My Automesse pics

    Nice pics, but how they hell would go visit your parents with a bonnet like that (last one)!? Haha.
  5. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/sh...ead.php?t=54693 Thats my few pics from my trip.
  6. topi

    I've been busy...

    That S15 is hoooot. But wtf is that stuck on the back of the 32 lol. Show me more.
  7. Michi ni mayot-te shimai-mashta. Eikoki taishkan wa dokodess ka? haha. Aaaargh wakari-masen, topi ga okashii dess.
  8. When waiting at the train station in the morning, groups of hot schoolgirls would look at me and giggle. Why?!?! I wanted action, not mocking.
  9. Ah right. The structure of the thing was my only worry really, the mechanicles dont bother me. Thanks anyway.
  10. Yeah we had the Corolla GT, levin flavour. They are stupidly rare, and stupidly priced, and alot are in bad condition.
  11. I noticed when driving at night, drivers would switch their main lights off when at a junction, and just have the sidelights on. Whats all that about?
  12. The 86 will be baught for re-sale.
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