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  1. Conniestance

    Hi Sam, I have emailed you instructions on how to put payment through for membership. Did you receive this email as we have not received payment from you?
  2. Conniestance

  3. Conniestance

    Michael can do anything he wants, but there may be consequences depending on what he chooses to do.
  4. Conniestance

    You don't need my permission.
  5. Conniestance

    No mountain runs.
  6. Conniestance

    Both your payments for benefits and happy laps are in. You're all good to go! You can pick your membership card on the day when you get your wristband.
  7. Conniestance

    Thanks Matt, I will get our treasurer to check for your payment and get your membership pack to you asap
  8. Conniestance

    Road trip complete.
  9. Conniestance

  10. Conniestance

  11. Conniestance

    Needs more dragons
  12. Conniestance

    I love new clothes!
  13. Conniestance

    I will do this.
  14. Conniestance

    If he minded then he isn't the man I thought he was. It was fairly tame.