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  1. That black one would be me Sometimes I tried to park next to you but there's not much choice after 9.30 haha
  2. hehe you must be on 27580 ? I think you used to have that 35 but now changed to R32?
  3. Been spotting MADGTR nearly everyday at building A carpark
  4. Anyone poor and still playing PS2? I'm playing Yakuza and waiting for the sequel qhich will be on PS2 as well. Also got Siren 2 but still too scared to play at night...
  5. Ah that's right. I noticed the rear bumper is pretty much melted
  6. Spotted white R32 v-spec II MADGTR, member on here?
  7. Currently 40hrs into Valkarie Profile 2. DA BEST graphic for a rpg in PS2 !!(prove me wrong). The game play is awesome, kinda like a fighting games where you need timming for each character attacks (each character has their own button) I'm glad I'm still hanging around for my PS2 and the 21" CTR lol Also playing FF crystal chronical on DS. Sometimes the kid voices made me mute the game coz I look like some sick old man playing pikachu
  8. Not taking sides or anything but I can tell you guys that I've had my car worked on at Hills about 3-4 years ago and although the workmanship wasn't outstanding or anything (in fact was slow) I found the works needed was done and that's all I cared about. Now I've also been to the workshops that are "highly recommended" by members here and although majority of experiences were ok I've had disappointing/negative experiences as well. Why I didn't go and named those workshops? Firstly other than being agaisnt the forum's rules I know I will not get any supports from the same people who have been praising those workshops and in the end telling those stories won't do me any good and probably won't deter other members from visiting those workshops. The point of this? Although it's good idea to learn from other people's experiences there are things that you just have to learn yourself as everyone has different opinions. If my engine blew (god forbids) by one of those highly recommended workshops I've got noone else to blame but by myself as I took advises from the people on here. My 2 c
  9. Anyone has DS should try FFXII, possibly the best RPG/RTS on DS. High production value (a shit load of FMV), nice sprite/3D graphic and best sound track on the system, game play is probably abit simplistic but still fun. Heck I didn't even play the PS2 one and still find this to be pretty engaging and looks like really pushing the DS to its limit.
  10. lol u'r right by multi platform I meant PS2 & PS3 ... Anyway I thought if you want platformer then wait for Galaxy.
  11. Haven't played both of those series however my logic says the following: Ratchet & Clank is multi platform game so developer would try to minimise the variances among consoles (except for may be the motion sensor thing) Metroid on the other hand is for Nintendo only so everything in the game should have been optimised for the system and make the most of it's capabilities. Personally I would pick Metroid although I heard it is nothing revolutionary from the Gamecube's version. But if the last one you played is SNES may be you can somehow relate to the story or gameplay in this one?
  12. Hey mate i got a set of stock R33 wheels with Bridgestone tyres (may be missing 1 or 2 nuts) but all in good conditions. Upgraded to 18s so dont need them any more. Let me know if you are interested.
  13. Is your plate EXH45T? If so you probably got no idea what series 2 looks like
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