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  1. rather lumpy indeed but the sound is nothing short of amazing..
  2. mine went straight in.. like i said there is not much gap but they do clear everything
  3. i believe that would be the tomei procams.. 270 duration 10.25mm lift.. thats wat i have sounds incredible.. someone correct me if you can squeeze bigger in.. but there was like point something of a gap as they swing around so dont think you could
  4. i will take one.. and also a pair of the ones for the breather covers if you have any left..
  5. having better that stock speakers in the back will deffinately enhance your sound quality.. run all your in car speakers of the 4 channel amp.. you will need a seperate amp for sub(s) as the 4 channel amp wont have the required LPF and you will destroy them.. also one amp will do fine for 2 subs but your best bet is just buy one decent sub an still have boot space.. i made 142Db with one 12' sub and a 800wrms amp.. not running at max levels either
  6. hi, i have been searching for some time now for purple braided line fittings and cannot seem to find any at all.. i did notice thought that hks supply then with all there oil cooler kits.. so i was wondering if anyone would know where i could source some.. need -6 and what ever the breather cover fittings are.. thank you.. any help appreciated Glen.
  7. hey mate im keen on the drain and cam cover ones also..
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