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  1. I have got them, I'll send you some pics tomorrow.
  2. Yeah, I've still got some things left. Glass, doors + mirrors, tailgate, rear cradle, trim pieces etc. Let me know what you need.
  3. Hey guys, sorry for the late reply, Yes, $5 pick up or $10 posted. It didn't come with cup holders. Sorry, the suspension and rear sway bar are sold.
  4. I've still got the handles, $5 each. The console and climate control are sold.
  5. It's dented at the front, similar damage to yours actually. To be honest it's probably not worth the hassle of postage, I think you'd be better of getting yours repaired.
  6. Sorry mate, I just checked the quarter panel and it's got some damage. Unfortunately I don't have the parking light but I can do the headlight for $70.00 posted.
  7. What's your location? I've got a front passenger quarter panel and headlight in Adelaide. Cheers
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