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  1. Anyone driving in from Penrith way that would like to meet and cruise in together?
  2. I only recently joined the club fellas so is it still ok to join SAU at the GTR Festival?
  3. Thanks Trex - it's getting there .
  4. Thanks mate looking forward to catching up with you guys soon.
  5. Hey guys, just joined and payment made via transfer!
  6. Sensational! RB coffee tables please! Wouldn't mind a dining table too [emoji1]
  7. Item: Set of 4 r33 GTR Wheels. The wheels come with: 2 x Federal 595 225/50/17 2 x Federal 595 245/45/17 Location: Penrith, NSW Willing to Post: No Price: $1200 Condition: Some gutter rash on the wheels but otherwise in good condition. Tyres have plenty of tread.
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