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  1. I live in singleton NSW and the cops here are really bad on defects. I had my car defected for Exhaust, front mount, and pod. The exhaust i got a test at the local exhaust shop where they gave me a piece of paper with the test results on it to keep in my glove box. The front mount and pod i was told i had to take a day off work, travel about 3 hours to penrith to have an emissions test to clear the defect. I put the standard filter and cooler back on to clear the defect until i got done again.
  2. I'm just looking around for interest from guys and girls from the Newcastle area who would be interested in helping out for my wedding on 1st November. The cars are only needed for about 2 hours to pick my bride and bridesmaids up from Singleton Heights and then drive to Hunter Valley Gardens and maybe stick around for a couple photos. Looking for 33's or 34's probably about 4. if anyone is interested could you please contact me at [email protected] as i don't get on here very often and we can discuss some costs and arrangements.
  3. I thought the seats might be R32 GTR as I have seen a couple pictures of both and they look more like the r32 gtr but the guy i bought it off said they came out of a r33 v-spec gtr. I don't have the internet on at the moment but as soon as i can i'll put a couple pictures up and maybe someone might be able to help. I've had 3 people tell me that the r33 gtr was the only car to come out with red stitching. The width and length are right but the mounting pins are all over the place and the arch in the centre where it goes over the tailshaft looks way too high.
  4. I bought that rear seat off Ebay and it doesn't fit into my gtst. The pins that go into the floor are too far apart and the lugs on the back rest are too low and don't stick out far enough? Do Gtr seats only fit into series 2 or all gtst. Mine is a series 1.5. but i've been told that series 2 seats fit into series 1 anyway?? If i can't get them to fit I'll just have to sell them and make myself a nice little profit.
  5. I had the same problem with my car. Just got it fixed. It was the exhaust manifold gasket was leaking. put new gasket on it and back to normal. maybe a little better.
  6. I am after a stock RB25DET turbo in good condition or something else that will bolt straight on without any modification. Also I need rear wheel bearings for my R33 or a whole rear end. Whatever is easier. My mobile is 0404894662. Will pay all postage costs for a reasonable price.
  7. I've got a blown turbo but I need a good one to replace it. If I can get a working one I will be getting rid of mine.
  8. Hi. Do you still have these? Do they plug straight in? What is the outside diameter of the light? What is the lowest you will go?
  9. I'll get some more tomorrow when my camera batteries are charged.
  10. I have 2 front guards off a R33 gtst, Not really sure what they are worth. Both have a slight tear at the front where the front bumper bolts on but it is nothing major. I'll put them up for $80 each or $150 for both. Turbosmart Type 2 Blow Off Valve, blue base with adjustable gold top, comes with R33 adaptor. $80 including postage. Also I think it is a M-Spec front bar not sure, Needs a little repair on bottom from steep driveway. $150 I will put pictures up in the next couple hours of all parts.
  11. Looking for someone who has some or all of the following at a reasonable price. R33 Electric Aerial R33 Drivers side window motor Any Veilside Bodykit parts, Front Bar, Rear Bar, Sideskirts Cheap mags It's best giving me a call on 0404894662 or emailing [email protected]
  12. Hey. Interested in the Aerial, drivers side window winder motor and the alloy air filter shield. How much for each and will you post to NSW?
  13. I'll give you $200 plus postage. I need something urgently to clear defect.
  14. Link doesn't work. Do you still have the BOV?
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