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  1. well, been a long time since i've been in here...
  2. The pair I bought came with rails that DO NOT suit R33, I'm guessing their R32 rails, seller told me they were for 33! I NEED another pair of stock S2 seats, or just the rails on their own, and I need em tonight, tomorrow absolute latest!!!! This is urgent! Anyone that can help me out please PM or post in here ASAP!
  3. I need a set in Melbourne, but thanks anyway replied to those that PM'd me.
  4. Just as the topic says, I need a pair of R33 S2 seats ASAP. Let me know in here what you've got please thanks
  5. don't mind the raw look actually, as long as all the welds are really neat it'd look sweet
  6. when does underbelly start? time/channel?
  7. **JaR**

    Need Help

    Hope you wore protection. There's a thread at the top of the Vic section with workshops that can do all of that shit..read it.
  8. You illiterate or just an idiot? FYI it made 243rwkw (previously 257rwkw on the same dyno) and was the most powerful RB25DET on the dyno that night....most powerful non GTR skyline too...
  9. ooo how much you gonna charge me for 1 of these when you perfect them?
  10. 3" exhaust, front mount and an SAFC/power fc...
  11. 156awkw and its the most modified car they've seen? lol, mustn't have seen too many cars 184kw is at the flywheel....which is why in general an R33 GTS-T makes like 130-140rwkw stock...
  12. RE customs 16 Yiannis Ct Springvale 7:30pm there's 2 threads, 1 in the event section and 1 in the vic section, so I'm not even gonna give you a link
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