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  1. cheers guys Turns out, i need to send my springs back to the supplier, and get coilovers instead... And yes,I was looking at OEM (nissan), or a manufacturer that made OEM spec shocks for the car.. As said, mine is standard, but at the same time, was trying to keep my costs less when buying shock absorbers, compared with buying Coilovers.... The B6 & KYB SR shocks, even the Nissan OEM shocks = cost more than Tein Street Advance Coilovers..... So end result is, i need to switch anyway.... Cheers for the replies though guys
  2. cheers for reply, not looking for cheap, just oem (standard car)..... I found the original part numbers last night, and the SR range of KYB for the R34 GTT (same as your link).. The idea was to buy OEM shocks, and add my Tein S springs to the shocks (already bought the springs before my pal told me i got x2 leaky shocks) ..... Being in the UK, coilovers are easier to obtain that shocks!
  3. Hey guys, Although i am in the UK, hoping you guysc an help me out with identifying some OEM shock absorbers i can get for my R34 GTT. I tried looking at the KYB & Monroe website for OEM parts (i got a standard R34 GTT) , but nothing shows up I cant imagine the the GTT has specific shock absorbers that no other car uses (I wonder, given the rear brake rotors on the GTT are the same as the Z32 300zx/Fairlady , wonder if the shocks are ?? ) Trying to either find the Nissan OEM number, or the KYB part number for the shocks, or any standard OEM spec shocks i can use ? Any ideas ?
  4. I got a temporary fix in place.... I don't fully understand the fix, but a mate who is an electrician, done a: Bypass from Brake Switch to Fuse Panel, and temporary ran the wire into the ABS fuse point....... Quick fix is, I have brake lights, but it shows that there is a break between fuse panel and brake switch..... Next call is to the Auto electrician guy !
  5. Update: Still not sorted, but had a guy take a look at things, he did his stuff with the Multimeter, checked this, checked that... Tested the brake switch, swapped the brake switch out, changed fuses.... He tested the points with the meter in the driver side boot area, said no voltage was coming through the wire that powers the 'stop lights'........ So potentially, there is a break in the wire inside the loom that runs from the fuse panel in the footwell...... Question is, where do I go from here ? find a good Auto sparky ? is there a bodge that could be done for now, like getting some wire (car speaker wire ???) and running straight from the fuse panel to the relay block (if there is one in the boot) ?
  6. Since posting this message, had a few peeps say looking for the 'blue' brake switch at the top of the pedal to see if anything come loose..... Its tight, nothing loose, etc I did read that the Brake Switch's do fail, but could be either Brake Switch or the Fuse which has popped.. The fuse which is in the panel by the accelerator pedal.... However, the fuse panel cover has all the fuse names in Japanese! Cant read which fuse is for the Brake Switch Sender....
  7. Hey guys, Just found an issue today, stuck what to do. I have the R34 GTT, all has been fine and so on for ages... Not driven car since last weekend. Went out today, just found out the Brake Lights don't work.... I can turn on the lights as normal, but when I press Brake pedal, whether in ' no lights', 'side lights' or full lights' mode, I get no Brake Lights I changed the 10A Red fuse from the Fuse box in the engine Bay, which is labelled as 'TAIL' which is between 'TCS' and 'HORN' , but still no lights, and not sure the 'TAIL' fuse relates to brake lights... The fuse panel down by the pedals = in Jap (so cant read which fuse is for what!) Not even sure its a fuse problem. Not sure what to check, or where, etc. Any help, i would be very grateful
  8. Hi from UK - R34 GTT Hi all, As much as I been reading this forums since I owned my 1st R34 GTT back in 2007, am now back in another GTT, so thought its time I sign up and Say Hi ! I'm in the UK, not into the Major modding or track days and so on, I like the skyline purely for easy driving, driving 1 of the coolest cars on the planet! So on that note, hi all ! My Car:
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