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  1. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me if it is ok and safe to pour fuel injector cleaner in the fuel tank whilst running e85 or is it only with unleaded fuel? Cheers
  2. Nice write up and presentation, my question is will we need to dyno the car once everything is fitted back?
  3. gapping down to .06mm is suggested when running high boost with e85 does that sound right?
  4. when you say misfire what does the car actually do...?
  5. Hi Guys just want to know which fuel filter is everyone using running e85 through their RB25det, im currently using a z387 any ideas would be appreciated, cheers.
  6. What’s a code check? How do you do a code check?
  7. Hi guys, I have a r33 Rb25det and on high boost the car tends to misfire and splatter anyone have any answers to why it does this?
  8. SKY5HW

    Drop Tank

    Was this a real drop tank or made to look real? I might be doin it to my r33
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