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  1. I’ll have a look tomorrow! Still have the cut off at 4.26. Fuel pressure regulator was faulty so im hoping fixing that fixes my lack of power at high rpm and high fuel consumption (200km to a tank). See how I go...
  2. I removed the immobilser a couple weeks ago... I’ve been told you can only tune with an after market ECU? Nisstune, link etc.? Ive tried disconnecting the battery overnight also. Very frustrating! Additionally to above, I tend to lose power at around 4-5000 rpms. Best explanation is that it feels like it’s chocking...
  3. Hi everyone. Bit of an issue with my R33 gtst series 2 1996. Whilst sitting in my driveway my car stalls consistently at 4 mins and 26secs. Has very good idle and then the engine just cuts out with no gradual drop in idle. Some times idle gets a bit funny when I brake for lights and turning also. Bought the car about 3 months ago and since taken the boost controller and turbo timer off. Otherwise stock turbo, ECU, turbo smart BOV (full recirc) etc. PLEASE HELP. Thanks :)
  4. I got a quote through SGIC under my mothers name for $1230, $1000 excess plus $300 for being under 25. That's the best by far I have got so far. I'm currently waiting on a broker to get back to me to see if they can get something cheaper so I will post what ends up happening. I've tried all the major companies, only sgic has quoted me under $1700 a year.
  5. V35 insurance for under 25 Hey guys, just joined up to SAU. Looking at purchasing a v35 skyline 2004. What typical prices are people paying for insurance as justcar isn't an option anymore... I live in adelaide and am 23 years old, no previous claims. The cheapest ive been quoted is $1700 through shannons. Any tips will be appreciated.
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