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  1. Jap-daddy99

    Clean coil packs bro , I had the same issue or find a good gap for the plugs
  2. Sorry haha it’s a series 2 r33 skyline gtst
  3. Need to know what pins in the clip does what , need help
  4. Okay guys I have an r33GTST series 2 and it doesn’t have a window relay box on the door ,my window is stuck down and I need some help figuring out what it is please drop down any help you can thanks
  5. Hi all jut replacing my waterpump soon on my rb25det and I previously had a genuine Nissan one and I am unsure of a good brand and wanted some feed back , has turbo supporting mods slight time spitfire coilpacks ect any ideas? Drop them below
  6. Jap-daddy99

    Geedog I think you're right because the box we got it in looks like it went through hell
  7. Jap-daddy99

    I was thinking of doing that I guess I will then , thanks
  8. Jap-daddy99

    Iv attached some pics of waterpump , any idea guys ((
  9. Jap-daddy99

    I know I should replace it but what happened?
  10. Hi all I'm a big mess right now I ordered a genuine Nissan water pump for rb25det I got it installed at a workshop bc too much effort , I've driven it a hand full of times the last almost two months and today I changed spark plugs and re gapped them at 0.9 as they were I went for a drive it felt a lot better until I parked and noticed a river of green coolant .... looked underneath and bam cracked waterpump , what do I do ???
  11. Jap-daddy99

  12. Jap-daddy99

    im pretty sure like 80 % its is the frame rubber sliders would you know the part number ?
  13. Jap-daddy99

    thanks alot ! i am still wondering what the thing is i cant find anything about it ?
  14. My window smashed randomly, rubber seal ? Hi all , i own a Nissan skyline r33 gtst , long story short my driver side window is broken and smashed , bought new glass and i suspect a rubber trim on inside of door ( as seen in photos ) is broken any ideas what is it and where i can get replacements ? i need to fix asap :c