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  1. search rbfactory i got my series 2 r33 rb25 box fitted to my hcr32 coupe through him, he fabricates gearbox crossmembers and lots of other skyline parts, super solid and doesn't charge a heap either. from the ipswich area but will post wherever. youd be looking for the 111mm slotted design, fitted my car perfectly. he actually did a run of them when he made mine so he might even have some in stock still.
  2. Chasing good condition rb20det sump closer to 4301 qld the better unless willing to ship
  3. Yeah sorry for the pics too haha my phone obviously auto corrects them when i view them but not when i post them lol.
  4. Hello everyone! Nathan here, got myself into a massive project in july '17 buying an r32 coupe with an rb20det, r33 gearbox and unfortunately a rooted chassis rail! Going for a road going first track car, i bought a bare shell and the job of swapping everything over, and finding all the dodgy suprises left from the previous owner, has begun... As you can see the new shell has been hit in the rear but to my rescue a smash repairer and mate helped me straighten the rear out, remove the beaver panel and steal the rear out of the now parts only car! With that sorted and a new gtr front end purchased, the next job to tackle was the engine bay, a quick tidy up removal or surface rust and respray was done by myself in my shed while saving for more parts and to prepare for the big swap. With all that done and ready to go we recently started taking the engine out, inspecting what I need to replace and transferring all the bay equipment to get ready for the rb20det Still a bloody long way to go and this is my first big project like this so I am enjoying the education and the opportunity to really get my hands dirty and make the car my own. Please let me know what you think and what advice you have i still need a lot of parts like a speedo cable to match the r33 rb25det box to the r32 cluster, bellhousing bolts (as 3 were simply not there haha) and ideas for the customised gearbox crossmember in reference to the qld registration. Also thanks to the previous owners low life addiction... a better sump haha. Peace everyone [emoji111]
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