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  1. 270$ usd. send anywhere, I can take a photo on request there is also a RB AWD Girdle Plate, not suitable for spool caps (not suitable for 2nd holes), 180$ usd. 4wd I'll give it together for 340$ usd!!!! I can send on your terms
  2. Sale used Spool RB Billet Main Caps Set Additional photos on request Located in Russia. Moscow, send anywhere weight 7.7kg Price 500 usd
  3. can the exhaust system not be wide enough? It's 3 inches.
  4. BP Ultimate 98 octane is this the maximum boost on this fuel?
  5. it's a resonator, but I cut it out but for some reason I can not boost more that 26 psi at 98bp
  6. I figured out what was the problem, the resonator created a back pressure in the exhaust system of 0.6 bar I installed single mamba GT3582R (11 blades, t3 0.82 ts) on same confing 1.1 bar = 478whp I'm going to cut out the resonator, then I'll make a graph for 2 bars dyno
  7. I think to put 3582 0.82 T3 Twin Scroll and still look at the turbines mambatek. but the difference in price is not big, I think it's worth it?
  8. what wheels should I try?))) these will definitely work Inducer Dia. : 46.52 mm Exducer Dia. : 60.13 mm Extend Tapered Tip Exducer Dia. : No Extend Tip Overall Height : 24.50 mm Trailing Angle : 45 Degree Blade : 6+6 Inducer Dia. : 47.10 mm Exducer Dia. : 60.13 mm Extend Tapered Tip Exducer Dia. : 64.98 mm Overall Height : 29.50 mm Trailing Angle : 45 Degree Blade : 6+6 Inducer Dia.: 49.62 mm Exducer Dia. : 61.98 mm Extend Tapered Tip Exducerdia : 65.90 mm Overall Height : 27.63 mm Trailing Angle : 60 Degree Blade : 6+6
  9. What is the difference in the number of blades in the turbine wheel? 9,10,11?
  10. hks 2535 not a bad option, although the wheels are bigger -Wheel- 56 Trim - 51.6 Inducer / 69.0 Major I think since I already bought those wheels it's worth to try them, if I do not go to put the original)) I did not find that someone used such wheels earlier
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