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  1. Quicky134

    Hey, did you end up finding an answer?
  2. Quicky134

    Hey man, this thread is 8 years old now, but did you have any luck? Did it fit straight in?
  3. Quicky134

    Bit of an old thread, but I'm in need or new dash lights. Where do I purchase the 666DAN ones listed above?
  4. Quicky134

    yes exactly like that
  5. Quicky134

    I have a coupe
  6. Quicky134

    Digging up an old thread but, I'm interested in getting my tail lights led converted. Charles89 can you pm me please. I tried to message you but it wouldn't let me 😑
  7. Quicky134

    I know this thread is 5yrs old now but I've just stumbled across it. I just purchased an yellow ER34 in western Australia. From what I've heard they are fairly rear. I only know of 3 yellow R34's in Perth including mine. Here's mine.