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  1. My air conditioning isn't getting cold when set at anything other than 18. Once I set it to 18.5 it starts blowing hot, is there a sensor or anything that would be causing this, anyone else had these problems?
  2. Have a rwd M35 stagea, I have already brought whiteline bushings to do Upper control arm Lower control arm inner and shock to control arm Front lower control arm rear bushing Can someone estimate how long it would take a shop to replace these bushings, also at a rate of 85 an hour I was told
  3. Just got a speeding ticket because because in these wagons the speed just creeps up to easily and you don't even notice it I'm in new Zealand but was wondering what some good cruise control options were and how much, also a heard about people using maxima cruise control and was wondering if that worked
  4. well ill keep that in mind, there maybe routes to take without hills, thought the hills arent massive ones either
  5. It is a distance, close to 4 hours, 300 km, couple hills, and I would stop every now and then to let it cool down
  6. That's the old girl, 521 datsun, project and cheap, sitting on a 720 chassis, hoping to get it this weekend if I can tow it haha
  7. was wondering in the stagea would be capable of towing a old 521 datsun ute, total weight would be about 1600-1700kg inlcuding a trailer, with hills, because new zealand, these are a couple photos of the tow bar and mount, the mounts go either side of the spare wheel to the rails, asking as the rating sticker has been faded but at a guess it would be only 1200kg from what i have read on here
  8. Yeah I've seen that wagon a few times, and it sounds like when it comes to it I'll definitely choose between a 350rx four or the arx350, and can you remember what was done to the transmission I'm guessing the transgo shift kit?
  9. Yeah I've seen that wagon a few times, and it sounds like when it comes to it I'll definitely choose between a 350rx four or the arx350, and can you remember what was done to the transmission by any chance because that is once of my problems about the stagea
  10. Very interesting, I'm actually in hastings, probably seen you driving around, and they are cheap as anything, what was the arx like? Because I'll be looking at one then doing the suspension and putting new sway bars on it, and I do prefer the body kit over the rx350, but what is the rx350 four like? My 300rx is good but really wanting awd more
  11. Wouldn't think so, I'll be towing there dirt bikes back and that's about it, but another question, how do you like the arx? I'm looking at selling and upgrading
  12. Nah won't Be happening already told the guy he can buy my car off me first
  13. Hey was wondering if the an M35 stagea would tow a ve commodore once ona 3 hour trip with a braked trailer of course, my tow bar is rated at 1200kg braked and looks solid, If not then no biggy we can just tow there bikes back instead but just wanting some insight from. People have towed Ps, yes there will be hills to go up and down
  14. So I have a 300rx, starting to need work done to it, boot needs motor, needs window controls and bushes in front suspension to be done , not too fussed about that, it's done 224,000k's still runs fine. Also has a nice aero kit on it with fog lights There are 4 options currently on trademe The first is an arx four, done 160'000 and that's 4500 An arx four also, 120,000k's, 18" wheels, overall nicer condition and 5500 An rx350 awd around 90'000k's and its 6500 Or lastly the axis autech, done 214000ks but still looks nice for 7700 Note I don't really do off roading other than on the beach and what not or taking dirt bikes to the park and the rx300 never got stuck, but have had a couple close calls and I'd probably lower the arx4, not a lot but I do like the body kit on them and that's why I'm looking at them, the axis autech I'm not too fussed but the interior looks awesome or should I go for a rwd350 And I don't. Need a new car right now, the power is enough in the 3l it is a 2001 while all the others are 2005/6 hence the nicer interior
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