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  1. Caleb_M35

    Correct. I've been running MCA Street Performance Series coilovers in my M35 since March and honestly cannot fault them. I've also had a full car load of passengers as well as a loaded boot and they held up perfectly fine. MCA are a company I wouldn't doubt in the least.
  2. Caleb_M35

    Let's not forget the brand new SUV's self-levelling units that end up looking like a strobe light on the front of the car on QLD roads...
  3. Caleb_M35

    Indeed, JDM delivery only..
  4. Caleb_M35

    As well as Russia, Canada and other countries I've seen photos of M35 Stageas from. Oh well..
  5. Caleb_M35

    Thankfully not If the OEM HID headlamp setup is legal and safe in other countries it should be legal globally IMO. Who are we to question the revenue raisers known as Road Policing Command/ADR though...
  6. Caleb_M35

    Cleared it 😎
  7. Caleb_M35

    Taking the wagon to the police station to clear the defect tomorrow. Fingers crossed I can explain to the officer the complications of attempting to change to non-HID headlights...
  8. Caleb_M35

    This is pretty much the extent of the information I've found. It only quotes retro-fitting into vehicles that were not originally supplied with HID headlamps. I have, however obtained conformation from a genuine Nissan spare parts supplier that they're available for distribution through dealerships within Australia. My VIN within the Nissan computer system also shows my car was factory fitted with HID headlamp units.
  9. Caleb_M35 According to this, self-levelling and washers are only required if light output totals over 2000 Lumens. Colour, wavelength and UV emissions are the only criteria that must meet requirements if under that output. Currently trolling through the fun that is ADR Legislation 46/00 to find the hard evidence. I'll update when I find it...
  10. Caleb_M35

    Bugger. Looks like I'm chucking in some Supercheap Auto specials to pass roady in that case. I've never had any issues with the headlights as I often drive at night and have made it past 18 months without being pulled over. Oh well.. Cheers for the input!
  11. Caleb_M35

    Scratch that, they are factory Xenon. So, does anyone have any laws regarding factory Xenon headlights?
  12. Caleb_M35

    So I finally had a run in with some lovely members of the QPS Road Policing command today and they decided that my factory HID's in my NM35 are illegal. Does anyone have any resources on their legality?
  13. Caleb_M35

    Installed roof racks and roof basket, 3" turbo back straight pipe to a single 3" blast pipe and took the nugget to Powercruise for the weekend. Scrubbed up alright...
  14. Caleb_M35

    As the title suggests, is it possible to remove the front CV shafts on an NM35 Stagea without any ill-effects? I have already removed the front tailshaft so currently there is zero power going to the front diff and the front CV shafts are just passively spinning with wheel rotation On a side note, here's a terrible iPhone quality photo of my stag rolling on all 4 Garsons for once
  15. Caleb_M35

    Aaaah fun times. I'm due for 4 CV's and 4 wheel bearings 😓