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  1. Can I ask what these set you back as have an unused set I'm considering selling.
  2. Refurbished and complete RB26 plenum off an R33 GTR. Considering selling and going single throttle body. As per pics a heap of time and money has been spent on bringing this back to as new condition. Stripped, cleaned, polished and re-coated. Plenum black powder coated in stipple finish. Anodized nuts, bolts, brackets, Springs. Plastic sleeves that springs sit on re-machined from new industrial grade material. You'll be hard pressed to find one refurbed to this level. While on engine has not been started so clean and as per pics. No injectors or fuel rail. Asking $1,300. Located Vic.
  3. These have been sitting on rebuilt motor for a good 5 years now. Has not been started but decided to go 35 coils so no longer needed. Series 1 so need external ignitor - so will fit rb20, rb25 as well.
  4. SplitFire Coil Pack setup sf-dis-001 for RB motors including 32,33 GTR removed from working motor includes 6 coilpacks, 2 mounting brackets and screws. located near Chadstone in Melbourne. Asking $300 pickup.
  5. How do these compare to 35gtr coil kit? Given no valley cover can be used, are they water tight? RB26 coils have a seal at base whereas the R8 coils seem to have it at the top? Thanks.
  6. I can't believe how little demand thereseems to be for these cars.. did infinity do such a bad job marketing the overpriced local auto version?
  7. Have been sitting on this for a while now as haven't put much effort into selling them. r34gtt coikpacks (NEW) $299 R33 GTR crossmember (Minus arms) $149 R33 GTR stock intake pipes $100
  8. Very appealing 34gtr. Unfortunately I've spent not far off this on my build that comes knowhere near this. You should sell it relatively easy given some of the other crazy asking prices I've seen. Congrats on what you've created.
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