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  1. Must have been swapped for a S1 for some reason. Damaged? Airbag deployed in a crash? Could be any number of reasons. Looks like it's the only odd thing out, and the car definitely looks to be a S2.
  2. Hey, Yeah definitely agree the 4 door is the better looking of the two 👍 Have got a few on my pc will put them up next time I'm near it. Will
  3. Cheers for the response man, Car is factory det, loom is all s1 25det, connected to det ECU. and the AFM is the one off the original det motor. Thanks for the insight on the vacuum issue. Was not sure when it was supposed to be flowing or not. It is breathing through it from idle, so will check the idle control valve plug, piping and clean the valve I guess.
  4. Hey guys, Hope this is in the right place. Looking for some help with an issue, have done lots of searching\reading but still unsure. Will try and explain as best I can. Have an r33 sedan, the factory 25det was really tired. So when doing manual swap I put in a plus t I had that had been freshened up. All back together, car will not start or run with AFM plugged in. Will start and idle with it unplugged, plug it in while running and car will die. Some have pointed towards fuel pump being an issue. I have a walbro intank pump I will put in over the weekend to try. Have tried a second AFM, same result. Also, the vacuum line from intake plenum that would normally go to the canister at front of engine bay. If I block this while engine running it will die also which has me stumped. Any ideas of where to check etc. would be much appreciated. Cheers in advance.
  5. Hey Guys, Long time follower of this site, but never a member. Have had a few skylines. Currently have a r33 sedan, 25det. Have a few things I am trying to sort on it, and hopefully I can be of some help too. Cheers.
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