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  1. The reason I ask is because I was talking to a guy who owns a pre-facelift V35 & told me he has paddle shift.
  2. Get the 350GT! It's really good on gas & when you give the throttle a bust it just takes off! It's comfy, quiet & easy to drive.
  3. That's what I'll be requiring eventually. But I don't think that I will need the A/C controls; just use the original set.
  4. Just recently got back from a weekend up in Auckland for my daughters wedding. The car performed very well, traveling around 1336km over the five days (only drove four days of it, gave it a rest 3rd day). Averaged about 11.4k/l. That includes city, Auckland motorway & open road driving. Took the Desert Road in its stride (fun,fun,fun), purred like a pussy cat, even got it up to 140kph in a couple of the long straights! It's just so easy to drive!
  5. I was getting the occasional wif of old stodgy socks when on & now it smells of new!
  6. Service done last Monday, changed filters, plugs & other stuff. Old air filter was pretty well grotty. Is changing cabin filter part of service? Had programed 'Maintenance Schedule' on the screen so it should reminded me when the next is due.
  7. Yeah, they call it bio fuel because of the added ethanol.
  8. What about bio fuel? I've been putting 98 in my tank & apparently it is a bio fuel. Would that make a difference?
  9. I use the Google Translate on my phone but it doesn't always translate every Japanese character.
  10. Got ya! I always buy cars that is chain driven because I can't be bothered with the hassle of getting the belt changed all the time. Unless its just going to be a shopping basket that doesn't go far!
  11. Cheers for the input. It probally has been serviced previously but the question had been typed wrong where it should of read "my" instead of "it's". When I find a good garage then I will get it sorted. What about the timing belt then?
  12. How many kilometers is the service required on the 350GT? As mine is under 50k when would I need to do its first service?
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