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  1. I am looking at buying an M35, would you guys mind if i popped in at the main meeting place to take a look at some of the cars?
  2. lang

    M35 Seats

    hmm, my torso is probably slightly bigger than normal, but my fiancee who is 5'11 and she has long legs, the headrest only came half way up her head at its maximum height. It looks like it has the standard non-electric cloth seats from the photos of other cars I have been looking at today.
  3. lang

    M35 Seats

    Hi, I am looking at getting a M35, and I went and test drove one today. I am about 6 foot and even with the headrest at full height it only reached up to my neck. It felt like if I was rear-ended my neck would snap off. Other than that I loved the car, do the leather seats have a different shape/height? Do the newer revision models have taller seats? Am i the only one that has noticed this? I may have to get an aftermarket seat as I am pretty keen on an M35
  4. Yep it does you can see it clearly in this photo and bnr was correct, the footage is from the nismo festival of speed in 2002.
  5. Hey, Video is of the the 1990 Calsonic R32 GTR. Its not an actual race however some of the driving is at/close to race pace (starts about 1/3 of the way in) Video Link Cheers, Lang ps. I love this car
  6. when you know your chassy number off by heart but you cant remember any of your familys birth dates
  7. i daily drive my gtr and i havent worked for 18 months. You can actually maintain one extremley cheaply if you service it yourself and treat it properly.
  8. lang

    Stolen R32

    have u seen how immobilisers work? unless your installer hid the relay really well, which they wouldnt have because its hard and takes alot more time (i installed my own with a mate). providing the theif can locate the relays it would only take about 15 seconds to un-immoblise one.
  9. with my r32 gtr (and a twin plate clutch) i would have done at least 40 7000rpm clutch drops, its the only way to get it moving without boggind down at all, that launches it like no other car ive been in.
  10. i think skyline boots look out of proportion from the rear 3/4 view when there is no wing on them
  11. i did a little test today because my car has a peak hold function on the boost guage at 3000rpm exactly in 3rd gear my car makes 4.7 psi on a flat piece of road
  12. its got stock turbos and dumps and intercooler, its got a cat back exhaust and hks airpods, so that might make it boost a little earlier that a completley stock car
  13. driving along the freeway at 100k's and hour i make 2-3psi at 2800rpm (this is very slightly uphill, crusing at constant speed, without full acceleration)
  14. not including buying the car and fixing the problems it had when i first got it, ie since its been registered and ive been driving it, it has cost me $55 in oil in last 6 months, thats it. 430km per tank for fuel oh yeah. its my only car .. so its a daily driver
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