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  1. I have a set of BNIB MCA reds for Silvia S13 set up for drift specs. Pick up preferred but can ship at your cost. Box only opened to take picture of one shock for listing. Am asking $2500 for these. A discount of $400!
  2. Cheers mate, yeah Im looking for a dual purpose car/dual cab for family, towing and kart days without the need for a trailer. Hopefully your stuff was delivered on that pallet and is ok.
  3. Hey mate you recall how big the rear end in the territory is? Do you think it will fit a full sized go kart in there without any issues? I'm in the market for something like that. Also, would you or anyone here reading this know where the actual speed sensor pins are on the fusebox side? Am trying to wire up the RB25 speed sensor up but am having no luck locating the correct pins. BTW man Oz is something else covered in snow, freaking beautiful.
  4. I know the feels with the motivation and the money pit and time taken to get mine sorted too. Hoping I can get my S13 club rego'd soon. Do you have any pics of the way you made the aluminium spliter? Are the edges rolled at front? Trying to get ideas on how to do one.
  5. I've read all pages on NS and here. Not sure if this forum is dead as they all have been but was wondering if you got the rod chucker built?
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