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  1. I set the first value to 0 and it fixed the issue. Im new the ECU things so I'm not sure of what the other value should be set to. Thanks for helping me out!
  2. I changed the options on the link so everyone should be able to view it now.
  3. I haven't messed with the boost table at all. I loaded the base tune and adjusted MAFs / TPS output for the ATESSA / fuel sender Here's what the boost table is set to.
  4. Hello, I just installed a Platinum Pro in my R33 GT-R. When the ignition is in the ON position the boost solenoid turns on and has a constant tick/engagement. Does anyone know of a solution to fix this?
  5. is it normal to have difficulty getting the shifter to line back up for re-installation? I put this GKTech bushing on. The bushing popped on the shifter without any effort. The issue is that it seems impossible for the new bushing to fit back in the hole. What have you guys done to get it in there? Hammer or patience?
  6. Haha gotcha. I went on and purchased a Haltech sensor not too long ago
  7. Thank you sir. One more question that you may know the answer to. Can I tap off of the Oil pressure wire from the dash and run it to one of the AVI inputs of the ECU? Im using the platinum pro.
  8. Hello all, What loom/wire are you guys using to tap into the parking lights. Im thinking that I can use any of the dash illumination wires as they turn on when flipped to parking lights.
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