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R33 GTR Haltech IC-7 wiring

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Hello all,

What loom/wire are you guys using to tap into the parking lights. Im thinking that I can use any of the dash illumination wires as they turn on when flipped to parking lights.

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42 minutes ago, Duncan said:

Yes exactly. Any of those illumination lights under the dash are suitable, and tapping into the dash looms i easiest because you can indicators and handbrake there too.

Thank you sir.

One more question that you may know the answer to. Can I tap off of the Oil pressure wire from the dash and run it to one of the AVI inputs of the ECU? Im using the platinum pro.


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8 minutes ago, GTSBoy said:

Nissan oil pressure senders are to be trusted as much as the Iranians trust the Israelis.

Haha gotcha. I went on and purchased a Haltech sensor not too long ago

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