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  1. It's a very strange noise, doesn't really sound like the video, it sounds like the original turbo noise is still there, and the new noise is just overlaid ontop of it. Sounds like a kazoo is stuck in the intake pipe. I'm considering it might be a boost leak between intercooler and throttle body because the rubber pipes have turned to stone over the years
  2. My factory stereo has stopped working plus I'd quite like to have features such as aux cord, band expander, subwoofer rca plugs etc so I'm going to fit a new head unit. I know the best way is to buy a new fascia with the heater controls and a double din slot but I'm unable to fine one for less than $200 which im just not willing to pay for a piece of plastic. My solution is to leave the factory stereo in place and just route the plugs to a new head unit which I will hide in the glovebox. When I tested this the stereo worked but the air conditioning buttons lost all function, it seems the factory stereo must be plugged in for the heater and fan to function which seems silly. My idea was to just leave the factory stereo plugged in and just using splice connectors to piggyback all the cables over to the new head unit so they are both plugged in. Obviously I will just avoid turning on the old stereo. Will this work?
  3. Ok thanks guys, my main concern is the noise my turbo is making, if I can figure out a way to blame it on the sensor I can rest easy haha
  4. Sweet thanks, so without the sensor the turbo is just boosting in an uncontrolled manner? So I should avoid driving until I replace it to protect the turbo from damage?
  5. Update: Found the correct sensor off a guy wrecking his gtst skyline for $40. I had another question, what does this sensor do exactly, does it determine when to open/ close the wastegate? And without it its stuck in one position? It would explain the funny turbo noise maybe its over boosting, I was able to reach 12psi before I shut it all down in fear of breaking something.
  6. So recently I changed the plugs in my vq25det for the first time and it didn't go so well, I still had a mean misfire and I couldn't figure it out. Well it turns out I had plugged the lead for the cylinder 1 ignition coil into this little sensor on part of the intake, and vice versa. After putting the leads back where they go the misfire went away but I knew I probably had broken something. After taking it for a drive the turbo made a different sort of whining noise after 3k rpm and there was a noticeable loss of power. I checked the CEL codes and got 0235 which is for the turbocharger boost sensor circuit which makes perfect sense, I guess I fried the sensor. My questions are, has anyone else done this stupid mistake before? And can I replace the sensor with a generic sensor? it seems impossible to find the exact part (ps66-01) In NZ second hand I could only find one guy wrecking his 250t and he didn't want to part out the engine components separately. I've found a bunch of generic sensors off different cars such as subaru forester and they all appear to use the same 3 pin plug and just a little air hose attachment to get the reading so I was wondering if they would work? It's just a pressure sensor right so surely it should just read the pressure and send the signal in a fairly universal way?
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