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  1. No such thing here in NZ
  2. It's a dual port BOV with 25% venting to atmosphere and 75% plumb back, hasn't thrown a check engine light or anything so it seems the sensors are happy
  3. I know it's an age old argument that turbo flutter may damage the turbo over time, but I want to know if it can still damage the turbo if it only flutters at very low boost? Recently got a new BOV and I've adjusted the pretension spring so it only "blows off" above 4 PSI, which means if I release the throttle at ~2 PSI I get a nice fluttery Su-tu-tu-tu which my inner 14 year old self loves. My logic is that surely this couldn't possibly damage the turbo like 14PSI with no BOV could. What do you reckon?
  4. Bear with me. I've always had issues with burning oil smells coming in through my vents from the engine bay, I recently changed the rocker cover gaskets as they were leaking oil, and the smell was the oil leaking onto hot manifolds and the turbo etc. That kinda fixed it but just the other day I smelled it again very strong, and upon closer inspection the inner cv boot on the passenger side has split and flung a thin line of grease in a perfect arc all across everything including the starter motor and turbo heat shield. The Cv boot needs to be repaired obviously but I was wondering if you think that will also fix the burning smell I've been experiencing recently?
  5. If you never check it how do you know it isn't low on oil?
  6. 2500km after the last oil change and I've just had to add 1.5l of oil to get back up to the "full" mark. That sounds pretty wrong to me but there are a few sources online that say 1L/2500km is normal for most cars and I found one that reckons the vq25de specifically can use 0.5L/1000km which means mine is normal, What have you guys experienced?
  7. I've owned two 4wd stageas and the snow button is in a different place on both, see pics. No idea if all models will have one to be honest
  8. I have experience! My AR-X four 3.5 did very well up Ruapehu (North island, New Zealand) 1600m above sea level. No chains needed, didn't lose traction as long as I was careful with the throttle. There was a guy with a Subaru forester that started sliding backwards and had to get a tow. Encountered a bit of ice on the highway going 100 but slowing down to 80 and being careful again with the throttle and steering I didn't have any sensation of it losing traction. Also I think most stageas have a "snow mode" button which limits harsh acceleration and locks the AWD to be 50/50 synchro instead of 90% RWD (Is that correct?)
  9. +1 I'd also like to know
  10. Ottdurr

    Usb cable

    Maybe? I don't know, only owned the car for a few months and the previous owner knew practically nothing about it but It hasn't got many modifications just an aftermarket intercooler and some cosmetic stuff so not sure why it would have some fancy ecu. How would I go about finding out what it has?
  11. Ottdurr

    Usb cable

    M35 stagea vq25det. I Just discovered a long usb cable with a female end that starts under the passenger seat and traces under the carpet to the passenger footwell and disappears into the bottom of the firewall. Anyone have any idea what it's for?
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