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  1. Hi, I've been looking for repair lenses for my R33 S2 headlights, since they are full of cracks etc. I only have found S1 (zenki) and GT-R repair lenses...so if anyone knows where I can buy those please link!
  2. Nice project! Can't wait to see more!?
  3. Nice car indeed! Gotta love that color, 326 Super White isn't it?
  4. I had little accident while ago, nothing too serious, only cracked my bumper and blinker/foglight cover. Also sideskirt took damage. I thought it's good time to do some bodywork now (rear fender rust etc.), because car need to see painter anyway?
  5. I couldn't find it, looked all over Amayama? I found some blinker/fog light covers but not the one I was looking for??
  6. I'm trying to find that plastic cover for my skyline, original went to pieces?... I only find expensive carbon fiber covers...looking for original plastic one! Pls help me!!
  7. Hello everybody! I'm Juho, and this is my 1996 ECR33 Skyline, located in Finland! This car is my second R33 Skyline, (first one was with automatic gearbox, had it for year, sold it and upgraded to this!!) I have some experience with these kind of cars and RB:s, but I'm still learning something new almost everytime I do something! Interior Nismo speedometer, APEXi Boostgauge, Original seats and upholstery. Dash panel painted black by earlier owner. Sony DSX-A410BT with aftermarket 5,25" door speakers and 6x9 speakers back. Focus Chrome 10" in trunk playing low notes. Exterior Original S2 Bodykit, 16" Nissan rims (I hate them :D) Engine S2 RB25DET, Original internals, Hestec X32 ECU, Vag-coils, 3 inch Exhaust, EXEDY Clutch, car made 326whp and 424Nm at dyno with original turbo! Also engine bay has some Cometic and Tomei Poncam stickers by first owner, the guy who sold this car didn't know if there is cometic headgasket or tomei cams really... Suspencion etc. D2 Adjustable Coilovers, EBC Brakes, Original LSD, seems to be at good shape! The car had some issues when i bought it, first of all the ECU:s fuelmap was bad and needed some adjusting, also front brakes needed to be changed. Also some rust-spots in rear fender and some small things to fix! I ordered new brakes from UK (Brembo Drilled and Grooved discs with Brembo pads), waiting them to arrive! Also car got tuned by Special Tuning Harinen! Here's some pictures of car, more coming soon!
  8. Yeah. I have MAP-sensor instead of MAF because aftermarket ECU. Should have mentioned this in first post?
  9. Problem solved! It was bad MAP-sensor, I changed it to new and car works fine
  10. Seems like the problem is bad MAP-sensor. Tested hose for sensor and there was no leaks. Car runs same MAP on/off. I'll update when i get new sensor and see if it makes changes!
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUt3KAQ_RlA First of all, sorry for my bad english, i'm from finland! I've got this car for week now, and i have driven 1000km with it before this weird problem came...the car has aftermarket ecu, and Vag-coils. I have tried with other sparkplugs, coils, cas and tps. I don't know what to look next, any ideas. ECU has bad fuelmap, and its going to get adjusted. The car still worked with this map for 5000km...Now it wont work at all, sounds like engine chokes when revving.
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