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  1. hey guys, me again.. So the start motor is my project stagea is gone, its a 2002 vq25det awd and im just wondering what i can use to replace it or if anyone has one? ive read a specific 350z starter will fit but have also been told it wont, not keen on dropping 500$ on a new one at this stage, so is anyone able to help me out here? as always any help is greatly appreciated, thankyou.
  2. G'day guys, recently picked up a m35 vq25det stagea imported from japan, and well its a pretty big project. bit of a rookie so came here for some help. i just had a question about the (what seems to be aftermarket) electric radiator fan, the wiring is just sitting in the engine bay connected to nothing i'm just wondering where i need to connect the posotive so its not running all the time, from what ive read i ground the negative but cant seem to find where the posotive goes for it to run like the stock fan did, not too keen on running it on a switch unless i really have to any help would be greatly appreciated Thankyou
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