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  1. Thanks, Luke! The car performs very well and is a lot of fun goin' for a cruise!
  2. Thanks! I'm from Canada, Vancouver Island, BC. I have been trying to resolve my hazard and turn signal issue(s). I think it may be the relay (near the kick panel on the drivers side) or perhaps a connection near the battery that needs to be cleaned out. It had the transmission rebuild last November and she runs just fine. It does idle a bit high and I adjusted the idle screw and perhaps I need to take the IACV off and use some cleaner on it. One upgrade would be to find a manual transmission (cd009) and possibly a turbo set up. Vancouver Island has its limitations for any cruisin'/drifting and the local police forces are cracking down on any car meets and towing vehicles. So, horsepower is not a huge deal for me right now. Driving on the Island Highway is still a lot of fun with a stock motor.
  3. I think I read somewhere you can take out pin #51 and it may throw a warning light. But, it may help with a diy de-limiter function.
  4. The mechanic was moving out of British Columbia and into Alberta, Canada. https://www.alberta.ca/out-of-province-vehicle-inspections.aspx Basically, to check for basic safety or any mechanical concerns or issues before someone gets their vehicle insured in Alberta. I think he had only a few weeks to move to a new city and no time to do any upgrades or back to o.e.m. prior to moving out of British Columbia. I have seen the one product by HKS - speed de-limiter. I think i'll wait until I get a turbo setup, one day. eventually. For now, the stock rb25de neo runs quite well. All except the hazard/turn signal light issue(s). The search continues to resolve the no working light issue. Thanks! I have always wanted an R34 and I was quite pleased to be able to buy this and in a 4-door. Good space for our two small (papillon) dogs or the groceries. lol
  5. I have had her for 2 years now. I bought of a mechanic who had to move out of province and did not want to deal with any 'out of province' potential issues (i.e. - new brakes/rotors, etc.). Its a daily driver. A few nicks on the hood, doors from rock chips. I gave it a 2-step Meguiar's polish and wax at the beginning of summer 2020. The trunk lid (boot) needs to be refinished eventually. I need to fix my hazard and turn signal lights ASAP! They do not work at the moment. I have heard the engines tops out at 180km/hr. All stock except the yellow sport brake pads (new rotors), tanabe sustec pro coilovers and Zeit wheels; 18x9, 18x9.5 on Extreme Contact Continental DWS.
  6. Greetings from Canuckland, I am new to SAU and I have an R34 Sedan - RB25DE NEO (tiptronic/auto). It has about 144K+ kms and has a rebuild auto tranny with new solenoid a/b parts, new timing belt, tensioner, water pump, and cam seals. I miss the car meets and cruises due to covid19 and health restrictions for large groups. stay safe! stay home! wash your hands.
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