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  1. Hey Guys, So I have been slowly progressing with my project build of a 1via with RB25DET engine swap and getting it back on the road. One of things that got picked up for future roadworthy was the absence of the Front REO bar (as with all S13s previous had cut up the REO bar to fit a huge FMIC). Ive since refitted a Front REO bar, but the payoff was having to lose the FMIC which I know is not ideal for performance and potentially pre-detonation if I push the car too hard especially on a hot day. Does anyone know of any products/companies out there that produce a smallish FMIC that will fit in a 180SX front end and hopefully be easy to connect to my RB25det?
  2. Righto, in need of some tips for young players! Just towed the project car from Wodonga to Sydney for its IM240 test. It's an S13 with an RB25DET engine swap. Running stock injectors, a Walbro 255 fuel pump on 98 Octane at the moment. Close to stock turbo, APEXI Power FC computer and a 2.5 inch exhaust with 600 cell cat converter (new). Had made sure to get the car tuned as emissions friendly as possible (or so I had thought) in preparation for the test. After driving the 6 hours to the testing centre, I bombed the test pretty badly namely the car was running rich at Idle but was passing the test at highway speeds. The testers suggested a better tune and maybe new oxygen sensor as it may be lagging. I'm also reading that switching to E85 and re-mapping may solve the issue. Is it as simple as that or will switching to E85 require major modifications to the engine etc? Any advice of avoiding this debacle in the future?
  3. Hey Guys, So I'm finally at the point of getting my Onevia through engineering. It's got an rb25det engine transplant and the engineering firm has said I need to get an IM240 emissions test done which I'm told can be pretty hard to pass. Can anyone recommend any IM240 testing locations in Adelaide or Melbourne that will make this as painless as possible? Cheers Al
  4. Ive run out of options for using the direct fitting of a sensor into the gearbox now without ripping open the gearbox to examine the worm gear. I've got a 300ZX and an RB25DET speed sensor both of which are working outside of the car to make the dash work. When I put either of them in the gearbox, they make contact with the worm gear but I get no response from the dash which I can only guess is because the worm gear is rotating the incorrect way. So now I'm investigating taking the shortcut of the tail shaft Speedo to save ripping open the gearbox and opening the next can of worms.
  5. Awesome! Yeah I've just found the S13 workshop manual so hopefully it has something handy in there.
  6. G'day Guys, Anyone know what the stock S13/180sx dash pulse rate is for speed sensor signal? Looking at getting a tailshaft Speedo from Bluewire Automotive but their speed sensor puts out 4000 pulses (not sure in what time frame) and apparently it won't work unless the S13 dash can handle that number or more.
  7. Hey Guys, So recently I put a post up thinking I had finally solved my speed sensor issue and got the right speed sensor what my RB25 gearbox. Turns out I'm a flipping numpty and the new sensor doesn't fit and I had the right sensor all along. I know I have the right sensor for the gearbox, I know there's no problem with the sensor itself (it's sending a clean signal to the dash when manually turned outside of the box). Problem is as soon as I put the sensor in the box and turn the engine I get no signal at all. Has anyone got ideas what it could be? Like could it be the worm gear put in back to front etc? Visual inspection of the worm gear seems fine and it's rotating when I spin the wheels with my feet and look in the gearbox at the same time.... Stumped.
  8. Okay guys I have finally sourced the appropriate sensor for the RB25DE gearbox. I now have an RB25DE/RB20det, RB25det and RB30DE sensor. To save any people the future hassle of going through this please see the below photos of the sensors next to each other. I will attach photos of dimensions to so you can know what you're after. The RB25DE sensor is indeed shorter than the 25DET sensor and has 21 teeth on the purple pinion head as opposed to the 20 teeth on the 25DET red pinion head. The RB30DE speed sensor is the greeny/blue pinion head and has a OD of only 28mm as opposed to the RB25 sensors which both have an OD of 30mm to enter the gearbox.
  9. Hey Guys, I actually have this post running on another forum already which is generating some answers but would like some second opinions. I have a 1991 1Via with an RB25det engine swap. It's paired to an RB25de gearbox. I'm trying to get the correct speed sensor to fit it and get my speedometer working. I've got an RB25DET speed sensor which fits into the gearbox hole but doesn't mesh with the Speedo drive because I believe the DET sensor is longer than the DE version and has 20 teeth instead of 21. I'm lead to believe that the RB25DE speed sensor is actually common / shared between both the RB20DE and DET gearboxes. I have an RB30DE speed sensor and I know that doesn't fit the 25DE gearbox. What I'm after is if anyone knows the exact part numbers of the below: RB20DET speed sensor RB20DE speed sensor RB25DE speed sensor Or if anyone knows anything different to the above info with pics. Cheers Al
  10. Cheers man, Appreciate it. I already have some questions to fire your way but will let them rip probably in a separate thread or via direct message. Stoked to see there are others on here who have felt my pain.
  11. Hey Guys, New here. Currently in the final stages of restoring a 1991 S13 1via with an RB25det engine swap. Have hit no end of technical issues in the process of completing this build and have one last one regarding speed sensors. Am joining more for technical help and to offer any answers on some of the crap I've come across whilst I go through the engineering process to get the car back on the road and registered.
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