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  1. Hi Keo Can i have the contact detail of the place where you get the headlights done? Much appreciate
  2. Yeah enough point for me to change my mind about the wheel, i did notice some rubbing on the passenger side when i turned left hard at the roundabout as well, I know its not very good but again, is it better than having none at all? Plus these guy has their own workshop so i can always come back complaining if something comes up along the way I was thinking about the running cost as well, a quick search show that a single 22 inch tyre cost around $400 - $600, no joke I have talked and aggree with a price, deposit however not down yet, still organising my fund this week. Looking at the market right now, for the price and what they have to offer, tbh for me, it is temping. They show me the auction paper and export certificate with the milage in it
  3. Probably they think it will attach more potential buyer (like me). They are NSW based dealer http://www.nipponmotors.com.au/ pretty good review aroud
  4. These rims were fited by the dealer himself but i have the same concern about the suspension, the rubbing, not adding the speedometer issue. Look like i will ask them to put in the original rims and tyres
  5. Good morning and happy new year every one I know this topic gonna trigger a lot of people here but as you can see from my user, i am a G noob or say a Car noob. This will be the first skyline i own (dream about it long time ago) So i will pick it up from the dealer some time this week and as you see from the photos there, the wheels are quite big oh these 22 inches. At least for me it looks good, maybe not for other My question is that are there big rim good for the car, i mean are they gonna wear down any part of the car, cause some sort of damage....? She comes with 5 years warranty (not very good, i know, but better than 3 month dealer stat warranty) so i don't really worry about the engine. not that i know a lot of it anyway. And they happy to swap these wheel with a set of 19 inches instead Here i attached some pic of the actual vehicle Thank you for your input
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