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  1. Still for sale... Also selling a 74 Mini Panel van which is running a Mk2 Cooper S engine, getting rid of that for $3500, but I doubt anyone here would be interested in that anyways.. :headspin:
  2. Price Dropped to $17,000, Wouldn't mind offers, Trade or otherwise...
  3. Yeah, I didn't get time to Organise myself Last night, So I took some quick photo's after work this afternoon... But anyways, here they are...
  4. Hello Gentlemen... As the title implies, I am selling my R33 GTST. I've owned this car for a year and a half now, and I think it's spoiled me for whatever cars I may drive in the Future. The Handling on this Car is just Spot on, every over car feels like it's going to tip over when I go around a corner fast... Anyways, As of 6 months ago I left my average IT job and went back to Uni to Study Mechanical Engineering. As such, I can't really afford to keep the car anymore, hence the sale... But Anyway, Here's Some Details about the Car... -1993 R33 GTS25T (Series 1 Obviously) -Gunmetal grey in Colour -5 Speed Manual Gearbox -SUNROOF, and the usual Climate control and such -This car was an Early Import, the guy who owned it before me had it for 2 years. -Has done about 115,000KM's at the moment -Has Obviously had it's 100,000KM service, in which I had the Usual belts, Front brake rotors, all pads replaced, and Water Pump replaced -Clutch was also replaced at 100,000KM due to slight slipping (Better to change it then let it die and have to be towed home) Car Also has the Following: -TIEN Coilovers All-round. Not sure which Models, but allow for height adjustment, Dampening and Adjustable Pillow Mounts -Front and Rear Strut Braces -18" ANZ Matrix Wheels in the Shadow Chrome colour -Cat Back 3" Apexi N1 Clone Exhaust. The Exhaust has had the middle muffler chaged to a Hot-Dog style muffler to ensure Legal ground clearence, and has the Big N1 Style muffler at the End. -K&N Panel Filter in Standard Air-Box -Greddy Type S Blow-Off Valve. This BOV is orginally a Plumb Back item, however the return pipe is currectly blocked off and it is venting into the Atmo. It's a Simple 2 minute job to Change this set-up from a Amto to Plumb back -Nismo Short Shifter -Basic Aftermarket Gearknob (Kinda looks like a Momo one) -Pivot Fuel Controller. Enables slight alterations to Fuel mix, which comes in handy with the big exhaust and such. -Starbo Turbo timer -Replaced Leathers on Gearboot and Handbrake -Panasonic CD Player with Kicker splits in the front Doors and Kicker speakers on the parcel shelf. -Remote Central locking with Immobiliser Other Parts not on the Car but Included in sale... -Original 16" Wheels -Smaller Cat back exhaust with Original Rear Muffler (Blows 85Db at Mcloed EPA testing station, TWICE!) -3" Pipe to go from Cat to that smaller pipe that comes from the Turbo -'Racing' Cat Convertor (IE Straight through pipe with bracket to bolt on Cat Heat Shield) -Some Chrome pedals that were taken off because they made the Car unroadworthy -One of those Puched Out drift Car stickers in White Other than that, the Car will be sold with a RWC, and buyer can have the choice of which exhaust he would like on... and of course, Price: I am Asking $17,000 or best offer, and Would consider trade for cheaper car with Cash adjustment (Looking for something Different, but let me know what you're thinking anyway...) My Digital Camera is currently 1) At home, and 2) Charging Batteries, so I'll have pictures up in a few hours... You can contact me on: Phone: 0403 204 260 E-mail: [email protected] MSN: [email protected] Thanks! -Ross
  5. I'm up for it... Funkymonkey are you still organising what everyone is bringing? If so what are we lacking so I know what to bring? Cheers! -Ross
  6. Count me in for a Meet-up. Might be an idea to find somewhere to go though which is a little out of the way, so we all don't go home a collection of little yellow stickers on the windscreen...
  7. I'm another from that area. I'm most usually at my Girlfriends house in Bundoora off plenty road. There's a few Gunmetal R33's around here apparently, my dad always tells me he's seen the same car as mine floating around, etc.
  8. I wouldn't mind helping in putting a map together, or printing them, or helping out in any way I can... Which leads to the question, if someone like myself draws up a map, who can we forward it to to make it an official event and such? Is there a method to getting these things to happen?
  9. Using the CRS Transaxle? Into a VW Beetle or Kombie?
  10. Stupid amounts can be organised... but it was more a curiousity thing as to if you'd actually do something like that! Cheers Anyway!
  11. Apologies for the blatent thread Hi-Jack but... Dr_Drift: can you turn my Mini Panel Van into something like this? http://www.twincamturbo.com/ :burnout: -Ross
  12. In a month to 6 weeks or so I'll be making another blast up to Bairnsdale one night. Actually its a place 20KM's out of Bairnsdale called Paynesvile or something. I have a friend who moved up there... It's kinda funny actually. The only 'performance' car I saw the whole time I was there last was like a VR SS, and an older gentleman seemed genuinly scared when I dropped a BOV on him as I went past. The Paynesvile pub would be an interesting place to park a group of Skyline's out the front of... but thats another story all together. It's a good run down the South Eastern and all the way out to Sale. Speed Limit is 110 the whole way but it seems as though everyone sits on 120 or so. At Night it's a really awesome drive. I'm betting No-one else would really be up for this though -Ross
  13. GiJOr33: Wouldn't rent it to you mate... you can borrow it though I know the guy at Mr Muffler here in Epping, might see if we could scab his, car... lifting... thing, for a few minutes one saturday and change it over then or something... As for the 3" Cat, I dont know... I have a stocker on my car right now, guess worst case scenario we take of my Cat back pipes, throw my cat on your car, and the 3" on mine (So I can use my car in the mean time) or something. I've also got one of those 'Straight thru' Cats (Whick is really just a straight piece of pipe the size of a Cat convertor), but that doesn't really help us here . I dunno, maybe someone else has a spare stock cat and could save us the trouble? I know what it's like to be done for this stuff, so I don't mind helping out one bit. I guess when it comes down to it this is the sort of thing people join car clubs for in the first place... to help like minded people, or something. Cheers
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