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  1. was there a point to this or just some right a-holes destroying something unique?
  2. Welcome mate. I share your feelings re facebook groups and the like, things have changed a lot and not for the better IMO.
  3. Damn shame shite like this happens. Glad to see you're ok. Do you know how the insurance comapny is getting on with chasing down this vermin?
  4. I thought as much...it was a damn good mag and it's a shame it's gone...The only 'import/performance' mag I brought every month (back then) coz it was well worth it as it was quality stuff...
  5. Well title says it all....I used to read this mag a while back, have been into various newsagents over the past few months to buy a copy but it seems that no ones has it and from what I can tell the whole mag seems to have gone down the tube... Anyone know anything, like if it is truly dead (and if so, how come?) or any other info...Links to news stories or anything would be tops... Cheers
  6. Thanks HEAPS for the replies guys....I can now go looking for some different tyres.....which ones...well....we'll see........ Thanks again!
  7. Hey all, Well the time has come to replace my rear tyres as they are on the verge of nothingness....so I rang up the local guy, they (Bridgestone) stopped producing my tyres!!! (Firestone Firehawk SZ50EP 225/50/R16 92V).....s$&t! so now I have 80-90% good fronts and stuffed rears on a R32 GTS4...... Is it at all possible to have different rears to the fronts with an ATESSA Comp? I dont have the money to do all 4 new tyres, especially when the fronts are still so good.... Any help would be muchly appreciated! PS: I did manage to track a set of 4 down, but he couldnt sell just 2 as it would be impossible to sell the other two....so have to look for a new tyre.... EDIT: Typos
  8. I am after a set of R32 GTR/GTS4 REAR shocks, complete and ready to be bolted in. MUST be in good condition, no leaks, no damage, no kinks, etc etc etc Please only reply if you can actually go through with the sale as I have been taken on a ride by 2 different peoples now... Cheers :-) Corey. EDIT: I am looking for stock shocks preferably, not after expensive stuff as I am one of the poor Uni students generation...
  9. is it $40 for all 4 rotors? and if so what is the thickness of said rotors? cheers
  10. first time I've seen it....funny stuff
  11. hey all, I get a message saying my car is an autech vehicle and I need to look in some other parts catalogue, I click ok and my details go away so I cannot check more about my car than the usual stuff.....anyone know where or how I can get the extra Autech info?? Thanks HEAPS to anyone who can help :-)!
  12. Hey all, My previous Wanted thread didnt produce any concrete purchases.... Basically I am replacing my rear shocks and need a set off an R32 GTR/GTS4 - stock would be perfect. Condition needs to be good, NO leaks, NO damage, etc.....they need to pass a RWC Inspection. They also must be read to go straight into the car, ie springs still on etc... I am not after expensive HKS, KONI, BILSTEIN, etc etc Uni student; so... Please include pics if possible, either PM or email me pics and post here or whatever....cobo11@gmail.com Cheers, Corey.
  13. Hey mate, my bad but I just read your sig. and the shocks are a bit out of my price range....sorry....but thanks anyway :-)
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