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  1. I use water injection.. custom built.. spray b4 turbo.. run 26psi stock motor.. 20,000klms and going
  2. there is not such thing on how much HORSE POWER a fuel pump can handle.. its all about fuel pressure/flow
  3. No point, im over it and wont be getting that money back.. so why should you care? like i said, move on.. because i have.
  4. I have moved on.. but i have been ripped off.. now everyone move on..
  5. Willl take that advice.. now everyone move on the problem is sorted.. .
  6. Why dont you go a post bad things about people who actually take money off people and not give refunds... i could name many people on this forum i have traded with and NEVER recieved ANYTHING
  7. Chris you need to drive harder, you must drive like a granny
  8. There is a guy who lives local with a 1999 R34 GTT 4WD ATESSA , Rb25DETT. Uses hiflow GTR Turbo's and gives GTRs are run for there money. great sleeper weapon with high compression!
  9. he is being refunded in full.. problems sorted out now cheers
  10. they are all good fuels.. but i run BP Ultimate
  11. Great being on the bad trader list!!! In the wrong name thou.. who is REDFC? or MINES_DATSUN? spare me some info.... who on earth is milk?
  12. as topic,brand new never used. 2 left over. be quick pm me. 125$ deliverd. c's TYPE(copy's )
  13. Not sure if you even know what a t04R is.. 1.15 a/r not your hiflow.64 crap.. stupid posting stupid crap here.
  14. Your going to waste your time buying a "o44 made in czech" you wont need "those specs" .. 165l/ph @ 73+psi is already PLENTY enough - so nexus claims 165 when ive bench testd just under 200lph @ 73psi
  15. Why would it? it only ran 26psi of boost. 40psi+26 is 66.. enough to flow the car since it ran low boost.
  16. It came out of a 10 second drag/circuit car... what differnce does it make? it had response/power.
  17. Oh and Nexus, what flow rates are they are ? ( Fuel pressure ) The pump is a 044 , same size, same specs but MADE IN GERMANY. show me where you read voltage/flow/pressure specs that say 535 Oh and id like to add that you nexus just got OWNED.... look at the 044 measurements(length/size bla bla ) there the same as 044. and even GIVE BOSCH GERMANY a call. Thanks
  18. Looks like your a complete idiot ,and once again ou dont know shit all. Go accuse someone else... 535 is 044 with a BERU part number.. do you even know what that is?
  19. Link, ive heard good from them reallly.. give them a shot.. i dont sell microtech new but i can source them used from a supplier for DIRT cheap Seen the LTX16s and its awsome... ( beta )
  20. nice car looks good for a r32 welcome
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