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  1. Well we’ll well, how have you f**kers been? Can see you still here birds and dezz 😂😂
  2. How you been birds? Been a while
  3. What's going on f**kers? Long time no post
  4. R33 gtst s2 Unopened motor Tomei PonCams 740cc nismo injectors Walbro E85 Fuel pump Garrett gt3076r .82 internally gated Powerfc ECU 3.5 inch exhaust (no cat) E85 United 340rwkw @ 20psi Tuned by: Trent @ chequered tuning
  5. I need some 20s for my ve. Stockies too small for such a big car
  6. Sucks when a rego renewal is worth more than the car
  7. Always see your R34 Juliette, still looks the same lol. Not even aftermarket wheels
  8. Haha havent waxed the car since nationals last year and the water still beads
  9. Whats going on gentlemen? Seem to have stumbled on fords australia again LOL
  10. Can get defected in another state, but once you are back in victoria you can take it off and not worry about it. Had a mate get a defect in SA. Just came back and ripped it off and never heard about it again. Worse thing that could happen i guess if the cop wants to be a wanker is deem your car as too unsafe and ground it so you cant drive it then and there. Would be a bit of trouble if you're in another state :|
  11. Yeah my first trackday at winton was a 1.48.xx with a broken car. Ran like shit lol.
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