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  1. Very interested, not fussed if it doesnt come with adaptors.
  2. Hi just checking to see if the chrome sill plates were sold? Cheers
  3. Hey, Still very interested in the sill trims. Might have been overlooked due to the silvia guys dissagreement. Wondering if they are still available.
  4. Hi im interested in the sil trims! Do you know a rough price on delivery to Melb? p/c 3166 ( if it helps) Also how do u go about payment? Cheers Ash
  5. Hi, Im wondering if your rear door windows have the weather strips in tact. the ones that meet with the front door windows. mine are almost non existant. Also the chrome/black moulds on the top of the rear doors that meet the glass. rear wiper switch, side cooler pipes (if you kept them) are also items im after. If you could assist me with these inquiries id really appreciate it. Cheers Ash.
  6. BLU SKY

    spot the stagea

    I drove a pearl white one through Glen Waverly in melb 4 weeks ago an loved every minute of it An i saw a green one 2 weeks age near chadstone shopping centre an was like HEY but it was green an looked a bit yuk. it was in great condition just i dont like the green. Im arranging to get one soon, dark blue, stock for now. just subtle mods to keep of the cop radar. But i plan to make it a machine an a half
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