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  1. Thanks for the info; Ive decided due to better flow rates I'll get the split dump pipe, probably the larger style cat converter, but just need to research what size intercooler will fit into the front bar of the Stagea - my stag has a bodykit, so want to make sure the intercooler will fit. Thinking of getting a $700 HYBRID Power Gt spec Tube & Fin intercooler, 600mm x 300mm x 76mm, "End to End is 800mm". Cheers, if anyone has suggestions on intercoolers your feedback would be greatly appreciated! (Im off right now to pick up my Stagea from the vehicle freight yard - how exciting!!) Brendan
  2. Hi all, Recently bought myself a nice 97 Series 1 Stagea, all round good condition, including a couple of modifications already performed. Im looking at adding on a front mount intercooler, a turbo to cat converter dump pipe and a catalytic converter (with all exhaust parts to be 3inch). The car already has a cat-back 3inch exhaust system, which runs nice and quiet. :whatsthat What size could fellow Stagea owners recommend I go for the front mount intercooler kit? I'm looking at buying a bolt on FMIC to suit an R33 GTS-t, size 590x280x80 or 600x300x76.... which one would be the best fit for a Stagea? With the turbo to catalytic converter dump pipe, what is the best way to go.... a split dump pipe or a single front dump pipe (probably from BATMBL)? Looking to keep to a budget, but alos after as much HP increase as possible. Any suggestions please would be greatly appreciated. Brendan :wizard:
  3. Thankx Dan, See you out there!! Will have the Stag on the road in the next day or two, just waiting on the call from the transporter! :flamer: Brendan :bond:
  4. Thank you all for your kind information and suggestions. I'll take off from the car all that I can for the identity inspection. Better to be safe for this inspection rather than be sorry (and be sent down to the evil Regency). I'll put everything back on when I have the 80000km service in conjunction with a FMIC installation and turbo-cat dump pipe install. Cheers all, Brendan
  5. Thanx Deluxe! Great advice, I'll have a chat to that workshop too and see how they might be able to look after me (Im a southern lad so its reasonably close to home, just a 'boost' away! :matrix: ) Always wanted a R33, but 1 kid, another on the way and a puppy dog now dictate that a wagon is the go, how could I go past a 4wd RB25Det? Just couldnt! Ive only seen 2 stag's on the streets, so there definately arnt that many down here. Mine is silky white pearl, with a neat & mild bodykit and HKS badge on both front quarter panels. If any of you see that sweet-as gold 150rwhp Fireblade in the hills on any given sunday, I'll try not to embarrass you! :uh-huh:
  6. SWEET! Thanks for the advice and comments Platinum. Very kind of you. I happen to have a partial contact at RPM so I'll give them a call, and have the Turbo Timer completely uninstalled. I guess with the Turbosmart bleed valve I can try what you recommened, just uninstall it the night before I head down to Sturt Rd, and reinstall it at a later date. The previosu owner has taken out the solenoid to get more boost (currently 10psi without solenoid is putting out the same power as 12psi with solenoid installed)..... For a sweet-as Stagea photo check out forum member CoolPC in the Stagea Discussion area, thats the car I bought! Flew up to Qld and back on 13th July and did the deal, the wagon is currently being transported down. Again, cheers for the information. :evil:
  7. Thanking you all; very kind of you (Thirtythree-II, 4door-Sleeper and Platinum) to write up your suggestions. I'll definately undo the dash mounted boost gauge and take that off, I'll undo the wires that attach to the turbo timer and take that out (I'll keep it in the boot so they can see that it is definately not installed on the car), but Im not sure about mucking around with the Turbosmart bleed valve. I was thinking of getting a cover made for it, but now after reading your suggestions Im thinking that it probably should be taken completely out of the engine bay whilst the bonnet is up and they are checking ID numbers. How do you uninstall a boost bleed valve? Its one of the cheaper Turbosmart units, coloured red, about 10cm long x 20cm wide with a silver turn knob on one end. Sorry Im being a bit vague, but havent got the Stagea off the transport truck as yet! I cant wait to drive it here on Adelaide roads, it must be only the 3rd or so Stagea here in SA. Can I be recommened a turbo tune shop that does services and modifications, who offer top service and help, but dont break the bank? Cheers to you all! Brendan
  8. Great thread guys and las's..... sorry to hear about everyone's F-ups with Regency park vehicle inspectors. What a joke. Now Im real worried! Just bought a Stagea (for all those unsure; a 'Skyline wagon' of sorts) from QLD. Slightly moddified, but currently registered and with a very fresh Road Worthy Certificate. Ive been told by Transport SA that I have to go to Regency to have a Identity Inspection performed - I pointed out (thanks to this forum) that it can be performed at Sturt Rd, and they agreed. They certainly wernt going to tell me though..... Just a query, what should I take off my car before going to Sturt Road to have this inspection performed? My Stageas has a factory fitted bodykit, a quiet cat-back exhaust system, a boost gauge on the dash, a hidden turbo timer, a Turbosmart boost bleed valve, standard suspension and wheels, 4 brand new tyres; everything else on the car is standard as well. Should I take off the dash mounted gauge, unplug the turbo timer, and get a cover made for the bleed valve that is in the engine bay (ie out of sight out may = of mind)? Any furhter info and suggestions would be greatly appreciated - I dont want to end up in Regency! :chairshot Help save me!!! Or am I just worrying too much since Ive read this thread?
  9. G'day all, Im a new Stagea owner, recently bought the lightly mod'd Stag in Brisbane from a fellow fourm member, and am happy-as about that fact! Yessir-e, another Stagea in little ol'Adelaide. I bought the nicely priced low km Series 1 Stagea from a top skylinesaustralia member who was very pleasant to deal with (was very easy doing the purchase with same day return airfares from Adelaide). Do any members know how many Stagea's are rolling around the Adelaide streets? They seem to be rarer than rocking horse poo. :confused: Ive seen two in 6months; a red series 1 and a green series 1. Now we can add a white pearl one to the mix, with a nice subtle bodykit..... Also, with me being new to the Skyline turbo game having owned Falcodores and the like previously (mind you, Ive got my mod'd 150rwhp '98 Fireblade too, so Im already a performance junkie), can some Adelaide members recommend to me the 'preferred' workshops to go for complete servicing and performance modifications? :uh-huh: Any info or recommendations would be highly appreciated. Want to find a servicer I can trust with the Stagea, plus of course I need a FMIC and 3in dump pipe and cat-converter, as we all do. Cheers to you all!
  10. Hi 'Lone', sweet looking car. Im new to this board, as previosuly Ive dealt with my performance bug by doing up a '98 CBR919 Fireblade to end up with 150rwhp, but now want to upgrade from a stupid aussie V8 Commy to a sweet-as Jap turbo..... Have a Quick question for you Lone; are you still thinking about selling your car? Looking at the photo's it looks like it is in top condition, and would probably be worth right around that mark (as far as my wallet is concerned!). Going thru the compliance details from Prestige Motors it'd cost just under that to get one on the road here in Adelaide, so I think you are right on the mark. Ive been looking at getting a Stagea for the past year, and now starting to get serious. Is it possible that you could email details of whats been done to your Stagea to me? [email protected] Looks like there is an exhaust system on the car, what else? Is it tiptronic, etc? To say outright to you, Ive got to arrange $$ first before I should go too deep into looking out for a Stagea, but my homeloan company would take no more than 3 weeks to arrange for the cash to be available...... Cheers
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