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  1. Super sad news. RIP Nick, a true gentleman.
  2. If I bought an M35 Stagea (never know!) I'd have it to Scotty NM35 in a flash. Without a second thought. Definitely played a big part in the progression of positive M35 tuning/products over the years. When I grabbed my c34 stag way back when there were only a couple of fancy tiptronic S2's just starting to be imported into the country, and the M35 was years away from compliance. Its been good to watch the development from afar. On a side note; obviously different engine, but Ive had both a bush hiflow & a BB-GT30 on my stag and both have their merits.
  3. Ha, if I did it again I'd grab a 26tt Autech and adapt an auto Studies finished a few weeks ago, started a casual job but am actually in line to get a great gig as a cardiac & vascular radiographer, ie specialize in Angiography Been getting by under the radar, only ever a few $ away from living under a bridge, so hopefully a new start on the horizon....
  4. ha! my S1 C34 was 255kw low boost did everything I wanted.
  5. I miss my Stagea Been over 2yrs now since I let it go.....
  6. Have fun guys, drive safe. If you're heading down south make sure you hit up the Delemere to Victor rd!!! Miss the stag (sold a few weeks ago), but also quite happy with its replacement I'll be at the Showdown
  7. My aftermarket camber arms squeeked after the car was sitting idle for 6months at the workshop when the engine was slowly rebuilt Never bothered fixing it, Im sure a squirt of greese would have fixed it......
  8. BF Futura I picked up for 5g (126thou kms - Insured for $7500) just can not compare. Shocking build quality, feels like a barge, and minimal throttle on a turn sees the rears want to come out. Flip side is the engine is sound, autobox is very smooth, suspension is plush enough so that it gives a very smooth and comfy ride on metro roads, and exhaust is so quite its deafening! (my G/f WILL be pleased with that last point, although I'll be tempted one day to get a cheap $300 x-force catback system and mod the cai - lol). Car is extremely clean underneath for a private sale..... been maintained, so Im ok with it all. Not happy, but comfortable with the decision to move on from the stagea.
  9. Thanks for all who have given me their support and friendship over the years. Ive enjoyed every year of my Stagea ownership, but sad to say the car is now with a new owner. Been a long journey over almost 8yrs of ownership, from having one of the very original Stagea's registered in SA (was in the first couple registered here, when they were very rare beasts indeed), to modifying it progressively over time. 110rwkw with a pod filter and cat-back, to over 250rwkw with plenty more left in it, its been a journey indeed. Now time to get into a standard everyday local sedan - looking at a BF series Falcon later this week - and just get by until I'm finished with my uni studies and am out working as a Radiographer. Not going anywhere, but moving on...... Maybe in 5yrs time I can get back into a performance import; we'll see (R35s will be keenly priced then!) - Tangles, aka Brendan
  10. Thanks guys, much appreciated. New owner took it away not long ago. Q: If anyone knows of a decent S1 Front Bumper, send me a PM and I'll forward it to the new owner Sad to sell it, but mentally I was done with the anxiety I get now and then from driving it and worrying whether or not Id be pulled over. Silly, but just how its been for a while. Happy that its gone to someone so keen to own it, to fix it up a little (rust under mirrors is getting bad!), and maybe take it further with a full ecu. Now I guess Im probably going to purchase a BF Futura that Im looking at on thursday. (Dont hate on me!!) So, there goes a long-term Stagea owner Dont think there are many of you who have owned one longer; mine was the around the 5th rego'd in SA, now there is one at every corner. Its been fun.
  11. Stag is now sold. Gone to a new home. Cheers for looking
  12. Goes to a new home Tuesday evening apparently....bloke knows it's a good deal. Didn't take a deposit tho, so you never know!!
  13. Stagea for sale http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/christie-downs/cars-vans-utes/1997-nissan-stagea-wagon/1040038094
  14. Guy was a no show, after umming & ahhing a bit. Weird situation.... Now advertised on gumtree!
  15. Bloke cooled off - now advertised on gumtree Had a swap offer already, but not interested in that option. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/christie-downs/cars-vans-utes/1997-nissan-stagea-wagon/1040038094
  16. On Hold. Test driven today, Im not one to take a deposit tho - expecting a chq later today or tomorrow
  17. Did a quick touch up on the tune today, didn't lean on it as my laptop (with the program & tune files) was having connectivity issues with the AEM Fic-8 ecu. Laptop is ancient and kids have kicked it once too often in the car. Low boost tune @14psi made 247kw. Plenty left in it, but putting up for sale so decided not to push it. Would have been nice to max it all out, but nevermind.
  18. Just ended up doing a quick health check. Running nicely, afr ~12.2, on 14psi made 247kw Didn't do a high boost dyno run, sorry.....
  19. Just did a basic health check on the dyno today, 247kw @ 14psi. Didn't turn up the boost, just making sure all is good prior to selling the stag. Time to advertise it & move on.
  20. Scotty - you mean Me? back then I was working, and obviously wasnt worried as cash wasnt a problem.... Hindisght is great, but who knew my health would have gone downhill to the extent that it did. What I shouldnt have done was sell the stock parts off. Point of worrying now is Id have to strip it if I got defected, and sell it in parts. Not easy to do when youre not physically capable.
  21. oh, so lucky!!! Thats what stresses me out 0.o Being f/time student with no cash, I couldnt afford to do Regency if ever defected. Pretty certain Im going to advertise properly - Gumtree - once dynotune done next week.
  22. Yup, that's the 100k service done. Not sure what you can do about the squeal, I'm sure someone here can post some advice tho
  23. Has it had the 100k service - new belts, water pump etc? If not, book it in with Boostworx asap Don't hit boost until temperature gauge climbs off from cold. Just drive easy until temperature gauge is steady, ie first 5mins. I've generally found Mobil 98 lasts a few kms longer than BP, dunno why, besides having Mobil in the tank every time I've had it dynotuned. Going to do a tankfull of Shell vpower for my tune next Monday.... Will eventually report back to say if kms per litre is any different to Mobil. I rarely use Caltex 98. If I use United 100 I find the kms per litre is drastically reduced ie 270km compared to 370km with Mobil. In stock form used to get 420kms, so it hasn't lost much when compared to power output being more than doubled. Congrats on your purchase. And I say no to turbo timer. Mine came with one, binned it. (I've got blue dash led lights but never installed them...)
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