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  1. for labour the bill sounds right, BUT they should have replaced the gasket if there was any doubt about how worn it was. They didnt, because they want you to pay up, experience the problem again, then come back for more charge$. Go see Shaun at Boostworx
  2. need it gone. looks like Im stuck on bread water for a week....
  3. ah yeah cheers for that link. bookmarked.
  4. http://www.jdmlegion.com/Assets/rb25diagram.jpg wiring diagram shows: Wire 1 - 120* green Wire 2 - 1* red Wire 3 - Positive white Wire 4 - Ground black hope that helps?
  5. Best road I know of is the turn off at the Delemere corner store..... Twisty goodness on top of a range. Turn right at end to head into Victor.
  6. Write her poetry, and get a bang. Easy. Oh; do it for your missus too - she'll love it as much as your Stag does
  7. QFM Hpx from GSR Rallysport would be a good start - very quick postage!!! Im sure you'd have them by weeks end if ordered today. Cheap for what they are, in terms of stopping power. As for fluid, Penrite SIN Brake Fluid 600 is cheap & readily available from Sprint, Autobarn, etc. Hi-temp goodness. By the way - 'Speed Bleeder' brake bleeding nipples are the best invention, ever
  8. Mate, thats a beaut car there. Im SO getting one in 4yrs time! (as a "welldone" to completing radiography studies & getting a job, lol)
  9. Bobby - you'll boil that fluid! Mallala is commented on being the hardest track in Aus on brakes. Throw some hi-temp brake fluid in there, and if you've got stock pads, you'll NEED another set to throw in on the day. I was metal on metal after my 2nd session on my first time out. Also, dont get too close to the car in front as you're engine will overheat. Did this ^ for 6 laps, started getting blowby thru the rings & the engine overheated big time, next track day the engine blew. LOL
  10. You're a knob (jockey). Obviously...... Grow up mate. Driving is a privilege not a right.
  11. I live at Christie Downs, and all in all Im v.comfortable with the area I live in. Quiet street, thankfully!!
  12. Get the silicone joiners off ebay, you can buy reducers too (3" to 2.5"). Buy a good 3-ply or 4-ply set. Hot side doesnt need thicker silicone if you get the good stuff to begin with. ie pictured is 3-ply - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Silicon-Silicone-3-to-2-5-Inch-ID-Straight-Reducer-/200431436892?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2eaaa5045c Flush with a 50/50% mix of metho & kerosene, do it a few times (tape up one end), then flush out with rain or distilled water. let dry over night. Good luck with the install.
  13. Thats horrid stuff Nismoid! Ive found gargling Asprin to be the way to go when you feel a tickle on the ol'throat My youngest gets bad throat infections, but damned if he's having the tonsils cut out unless it gets real bad..... see what this winter does to him. Has asthma so that could have something to do with it, but I seriously dont want his immune system stuffed around with (by removing lymph tissue, ie tonsils).
  14. Can sell the RB25det Metal CAS camshaft angle sensor I bought on monday from Jap Import Spares for the price I got it for $120 with receipt from JIS. Pickup from Christies Beach
  15. Hair 'keeper' free haircuts for life - score! Yup, will eBay when I'm comfortable that all is right with my world again Cheers again for the info lads
  16. Scared to drive anywhere tho, lol! See what happens tomorrow, fingers crossed its now ok. Used all my spare coins to buy the replacement tho! Life of a student pensioner I guess New g/f was very understanding & helpful tho - she's a keeper!!!
  17. I use one with the airbox snorkel delivering air to a pod filter. Great quality unit.....
  18. Replacement didn't work. Mucked around with that & original, no go. Found a shorting wire between ecu & piggyback, think it was the cas trigger wire! Was exposed slightly in two areas (from when I've shut close the plastic kick panel previously), & touching each other. Bit of tape to fix the 2 exposed wire areas, bingo: no more consult code 11 cas error, car runs with original cas installed now.
  19. Got one from Koji at JIS for $120. Will install tomorrow & see if it works! Stagea forum says metal cas up to 7/97 & plastic for 8/97 onwards...
  20. Got a metal one from Jap Import Spares for $120. Will fit tomorrow when I'm home & let you know what happens! Cheers for the advice re build dates & plastic/metal models.
  21. Thanks lads! Will see what I can arrange.... Bob, thx for the offer, will hit you up if it comes down to it
  22. Thanks mate, ill attempt to buy one tomorrow, but will let you know if I need to borrow for a week (if I need to order interstate). Cheers for that offer, definitely appreciated!
  23. I'm v.confused now, I'm hearing I need plastic version, but also reading I need metal version. I don't remember because I just didn't take notice! It's a Feb 1997 build, with Tomei cams if that makes a difference. Which cas do I purchase? Ta.
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