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  1. Thanks mate - was positive that's the one (with tomei cams, if that makes a difference)... Need to try JIS, nisswreck & even boostwerx tomorrow morning, as its urgent, lol. Unless someone has one, in at Prospect until tomorrow late night.
  2. Car wont run (properly), sometimes starts, but then stops & wont restart Engine just turns over. Consult says error 11 by memory, faulty camshaft angle sensor So, I need to replace the CAS Car is 1997 S1 Stagea, RB25det (so a series 2 R33 engine).... Need to get a replacement tomorrow (Monday) but Im not home, and forget if its a plastic cover CAS or the metal version. Can someone check their 1997 Stagea and tell me if its the plastic CAS, asap? Thanks very much.
  3. I think its a plastic cover, can't remember (tired, at g/fs so can't check) 1997 S1 Stagea ...
  4. Yeah must be cutting in/out. Will clean contacts in plug tomorrow, but I'd say I'm up for replacement. Need to buy a replacement on Monday ( unless you want to sell, Zorro, lol?) Edit: cheers dohmar, will try the water trick. But I'm fairly sure now that its the issue. I'm using S15 injectors, so 440cc. I don't believe its AFM, consult doesn't lie
  5. Thx, will call them & nisswreck on Monday, and Upullit tomorrow. Edit: error log comes up with CAS. But yeah, I thought it could be afm too.... It's not starting again now, had to get neighbour to push me back off the road. He services cars, and first thing he said was CAS. Consult agrees.
  6. Need CAS camshaft angle sensor for Rb25.....
  7. It's the CAS camshaft angle sensor Where do I get a replacement asap? Cheers.
  8. Changed fuel filter. Charging laptop to go thru consult diagnostic tool as well as AEM fuel ignition controller piggyback ecu. Will test later after kids dinner...... Shitty day
  9. Please help with advice.... Stagea rb25det wouldn't start this morning. Cleaned afm, afm connector & coilpack loom connector, and cleaned battery terminals. Checked fuel was getting to the fuelline. Car started but stopped when I shut the door or bonnet. Also stopped without closing door or bonnet after a minute. Found blown 7.5v ecu fuse under dash & replaced, but this hasn't fixed anything.... Replaced the old broken & dodgy positive battery connector & had immediate success. Car started nicely. Yay. Car started, but shuts down when coming to a halt. Shut down at end of driveway, end of road, and when going slowly over a spoon drain. Adjusted Idle control screw all the way out but didn't make a difference to the idle rpm. What else do I try / clean? Serviced the car a few weeks ago but didn't change fuel filter as I find it hard to get to. Will try to replace when engine cools down later. Any suggestions are welcomed!!!
  10. Keep on lifting what feels 'right', & stuff anyone who thinks its a pissy effort. *sigh, stagea broken down, no gym since midweek. I feel small....
  11. Nice mate, hahaha there's no way I can do 155kg with no knees, lol. I'm still fried from hamcurls on Wednesday!
  12. Been off the bike for over 3yrs myself since both patellas were removed. Rode my cousins ZX14r a week ago, all I can say is omg! Over 200bhp and stomping amounts of torque. Insane. Too heavy for my liking tho, sounds like you're like me & need something to handle the twisties as well as possible.... Look into any of the 1L sports machines, testride & see what suits you best. Id love a 1L v-twin next, or ZX12r, but would most likely go for a mod'd Gsxr or Fireblade, & spend coin on setting it up to suit my height. Have fun with the test rides!!!
  13. Might try it, without video, LOL. (null & void I know, but hey, I dont do "selfies") Will have to go SL-style while wearing full lockable knee braces. Good motivation to pickup - no pun intended - deadlifts again. edit: ^ females @ 60kg. males @ 100kg. Maximum amount of reps. fact is the lighter guys should have it easier with future challenges, such as dips.
  14. Im not doing no comp when I know Ive got bugger-all chance in winning! lol; same reason I dont bet.... just not strong enough.......................................................... ....yet Lifts are going up each week & Im trying different body part exercises (today was "new" day; do what I havent tried before), so Im gaining strength & Im positive my teste has risen of late, plus Im feeling good & loving life. Frame is building, slowly. But - TBH I do this for me, and have got SFA to prove to anyone else bar my next weights session Ask me in a year, perhaps. But I'll quietly admire your efforts One thing I noticed today, after just a few sessions on shoulder shrugs (via dumbells & panetta deadlift machine), was how much meat has been added superior to my clavicle. Other thing today was my knees hate me for doing leg extension.
  15. definitely v.solid legs. I'll never have pins like that, stupid knees. tall dude has the physique Id eventually be after, one day down the track...... currently [email protected]
  16. Body tells me its time to eat more. Started breakfasting again, with oats. Haven't done cereal since the 90s... Supp, workout, supp, lunch, dinner of steam veg & chook at 4 & 6, supp just now... need dinner again! Thinking I need to buy shitloads of chicken & work up to 4 serves of steamed veg + meat during the arvo / evening. Do it all again tomorrow Been getting by on only 2 meals a day, but with strength gains of late I need more in....
  17. Feel so gooood after my sets. Double checked my weight, on the gym scales this time as I didn't quite believe it. 105kg @ 201cm. Now the aim is to convert 5 from a v.small section on my hips to muscle mass (obviously can't spot reduce but when that area has changed I'll be happy). Down to size 37, was once upon a time a tight 42. All this deadlift talk has me planning on taking in my locking knee braces & trying out.... otherwise they just want to collapse. Lifting hard, feeling damn fine
  18. What gym Nick? 2 weeks is ok a couple times a year, but its the 2 weeks Plus the beer that does it... Not enjoying pasta of late, feel so blah afterwards..... Big workout tomorrow; bribing my boys to behave in the small kids room with a reward of a cinema night - haven't gone in there yet with the kids in tow.
  19. lol. and here I am losing but gaining..... (fat/muscle) weighed today at 104.6kg. stoked. never thought Id get under 110kg. heaviest Id been was around 4yrs ago at 135kg (too much booze to wash down the opiods) last march was 115kg. would like to keep at around 105kg; def think its doable.
  20. Problem is that we ALL want birds' fingers. You know its true.
  21. A fella can dream can't he?? it'll take a few years, but you'll (they'll) come round.....
  22. Lol ^ so true. Yes, I don't go heavy for bench (do it at home to avoid embarrassment), but do Matrix 5 sets of 5x5x5x5 Woodchops! I want birds' fingers in me!!!!
  23. Jealous at all you runners & squatters... Smashed out my traps today, awesomeness. And going to work on those Bird's-fingers; might take a while tho! Nap time now, then study
  24. Today must have been bodybuilder-day...... Got me working hard tho, motivation +
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