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  1. It's a dead one Been there, put up with that. Should run like a dream once replaced.
  2. Nice one harts Engine build specs? Damn I'd love to go nistune board 6 and bigger injectors After tune I'm putting it up on gumtree for sale I think.... All in my head, but if I got defected I'm rooted & would have to part it out. Never had an issue, moreso 'whatif' factor. Will post back after tune with the result. I'd be happy with any result higher than previous tune pre engine rebuild (was 255rwkw at 1bar). 4b, looks awesome mate !!
  3. booked in for a dynotune. a proper one, not this run-in tune Ive been on for too long excited going to adjust timing to get rid of the cold start flat spot (been there since I swapped out the CAS), and tune for high boost not sure what boost to aim for, its a hyrbid GT3076IW-BB core with ported front stock housing and .73ar rear apparently good for ~ 1.5bar Im thinking let them go for it on the dyno to see where they can get to safely.
  4. cheers mate. yeah cheap, but nobody has contactedme about it Dyno tuning in 2 weeks time
  5. Yeh, it's 100 octane lol I get poor economy using it compared to normal 98ron fuel. Up to 50% worse km per litre (ie 250kms for 60L of United 100 compared to ~370kms with Mobil 98)
  6. To register in SA: - stock suspension, or non adjustable shocks - not too low, must be minimum 320mm by memory from centre of wheel to wheel arch - exhaust not too loud (4.5" will have some note to it!) - pod filter fixed with bracket to engine bay wall, or replaced with stock airbox - boost controller removed - air bag steering wheel needs to be fitted for insurance purposes I believe - standard turbo if they are cluey and check it out - non Xenon headlights (series2 guys can tell you more about this) Pretty much as standard as possible, within reason. Best of luck with it!
  7. Sold Last thing for sale - Stagea S1 AWD auto http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/438420-will-let-it-go/ follow the links, might be surprised at the affordability
  8. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/380883-sa-1997-nissan-stagea-rs4/ Just putting it up here. Probably is time I move on and let this go to someone who can go on with the next stages of modifications. If I was the buyer, Id - eventually look at the mirror rust - get a new front bumper bar as the bottom has been cut out, maybe even a new kit such as Nismo (see monkeywarehouse.com), and tidy up the paint a little - have a high boost dynotune done by Boostworx as-is and see anywhere from 265-280rwkw with the front driveshaft removed - look at buying a Nistune type6 board, install with larger injectors again to say 555cc (up from 450cc currently), and tune to the maximum of the turbo capabilities and see 300rwkw at ~20-22psi. Sell off the Toshi ecu chip and the AEM F/ic-8 piggyback ecu to pay for the Nistune. Car runs great as is. Dumps fuel in the high rpm range due to its current state of tune (sort of a run-in tune still after the bottom end build). Cold start can be *slightly sluggish for a minute at the 2000rpm mark. These issues would be addressed with a new dynotune. Does 370km to the low tank warning light, down from 420km when it was near stock with 110kw. Was 255rwkw prior to engine build, now at 235rwkw on run-in tune with low boost. I cant afford to do anything else to this car, including the tuneup. Full time medical radiation student, not working, means I cant do what should be done to this beast and would like to see it go to a good home while I replace with a similar km car to get me through my final years of study and a few years of working as a radiographer. Genuine reason for sale - if it got defected Id be f**ked as I couldnt afford to take a couple things back to standard. Its mainly the cut bottom front bar that shows off the intercooler that makes it stand out a little. Having said that, Ive never been pulled over besides 2 standard RBT stations and its all in my head. Never had any issues with the authorities. Owned for ~8yrs now, was the 4th or 5th Stagea registered in SA. Long term SAU'er and can be trusted - I dont lie!! Price is a firm "SAU special". Its a giveaway in all honesty. Comes with boxes of spares and parts. No lower offers will be considered, so dont ask. Sorry to the mods and the general stagea community for putting it up here.
  9. HDI cooler may not be able to do it's job past 310kw Could very well already be past it's peak efficiency. I'd seriously be looking at buying a jap brand name cooler such as greddy or hks. I used a small apexi return flow unit off a 180sx on my Stagea and it couldnt tune past low 200's kw on a Sliding performance turbo due to the coolers small size / heat soak. Upgraded to a larger used hks core and gained another 20kw with minor alterations to the tune. Then upgraded the turbo for more again Was a fair while ago so memory is a bit hazy, but I recall the cooler was holding the engine tuning back significantly......
  10. Omg - nistune type 6 board is close to being available. Buy my stag, buy nistune, tune, see 300kw potentially (tune with my current ecu & see +270kw) No cash flow in being a full time student means I can't afford to dynotune it
  11. Mines as cheap as they come, for an extensively modified example, doesn't mean it's got issues. Id say most C34 stageas will have under mirror rust, just how it is, and yes mine included. See cars for sale section for the SAU Adelaide price too cheap in all honesty. Ready for its +270kw dyno tune but don't have the money to do it. Owned my Stagea for ~8yrs now. If you look at that black Series2 make sure you see the service history and import sheet to verify the kms. I could be sneaky and say mine is only 12,000kms old, lol *since bottom end build. Best of luck finding what you want. Great cars. Best I've owned. But I do worry about being defected, hence why I'd let mine go to the right buyer. Only reason I'd sell.....
  12. Now at 130,000kms. Nice car but might put it on gumtree next week for say $9500ono
  13. Any tips on car setup, mainly suspension settings.... Have no idea how to create a good fast GTR that sticks to the track.
  14. sold the Hasa bicycle.... Need to sell a good gym-quality leg extension / hamstring curl machine details & photo here: http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1037059355 $150 ono.
  15. Sure it was on the news last night. Owner knows about it (if it's the same case). Apparently broke down, owner thought it'd be ok to leave it there overnight, cops notified owner that it got burnt out.....
  16. Price? Id buy that in a snap (depending on cost of course) if my Stagea sold!! Swaps
  17. Hasa R2 road bike, 60cm - suit tallish rider 700c carbon fork Marvic wheelset Shiamano Tiagra gearset done under 50kms $400 p/up christie downs (with extras) http://www.hasa.com.tw/tw/main_products_detail.php?num=34&class_id=346
  18. Just go a Momo steering wheel? Look way better than the S1 or S2 C34 / Skyline, plus very comfy on the hands seen here in a stagea - http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/416945-vic-99-stagea-rs4s-rare-momo-pack/
  19. Gave it a service at 128,000kms. Drives well. Will let it go at the 8k if someone wants it (will replace with mid-2000's Falcon or Commodore to get me through the next few years of Uni)
  20. Dragon lady for sure. My sister is heavily inked, along with her ex, and the quality stands out. Big mural on her back is pretty insane. Takes a while to get in I believe tho.
  21. Mobilecouch - see Shaun Dunns at Boostworx, or Martin Donnan at Willal racing.
  22. Oh ok, Thx guys. Car doesn't overheat, radiator is pretty fresh. Due for my home service, and probably needs the timing checked. Can't afford dyno time, still just sluggish on cold start....
  23. hey, Question - how can you tell when you require a new thermostat? Going to do a service in a couple of weeks time, RB25det is a fair bit sluggish prior to warmup these days.
  24. Placement at Noarlunga Hospital - come in & see me; Barium Enemas for everyone!!!!
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