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  1. Honesty is the keyword here Sam. Better to have a contact, ie Nathan and Pete, so you can be slightly more assured that you wont be pressured towards a lemon. Ads dont always shine the correct light on a business. ie the "fix your air" advert for A/C at a mechanics business (name withheld) suggests you'll be looked after & get your a/c regassed, but if you dont research youd never know that the business advertising their services charges you double the going rate Word of warning for your Insurance. If your insurer is a well known company starting with A and contains 4 letters (in capitals) be VERY wary. Service is shocking (none!) if your car is written off. They've treated my g/friend like a piece of dirt.
  2. thats awesome info Pete! thx so much!! Will hitup NE Mitsi & Cahill's on Monday Yes, been a long time mate. Too caught up with Uni commitments. Middle of exam period right now (just knocked off my 3rd exam this week, got 3 more in 1st week of July), then straight off to Launceston for 3 weeks placement as a student Radiographer. Exciting times edit: Cahill has some good prices vs kms on their website. cheers again!
  3. Thanks Nathan, thats exactly the sort of info we're after. Much appreciated. Krishy/Dohmar - a few things. a) need to do it "quickly", without the messing about of going all over the place to see private sales, b) potential warranty offer from a caryard as a sweetener on a deal is a piece of mind for my partner, 3) yards have many brands & types of vehicles for sale, which needs to be considered as she has no idea what kind of car she is after at this stage (suv, wagon, hatch, new, demo, 2nd hand, etc).
  4. Hey guys, havent been here for a long time....... Quick question. - Does anyone have any contacts with a car yard for good 2nd hand vehicles? Not a performance vehicle so to speak, just a run of the mill "normal" car. Missus is looking to replace her written-off car in the next few weeks (house breakin, stole keys to her Mazda 3 SP25 sedan, wrote car off at end of street when it was smashed into a kerb. The chassis was bent, and the engine was on the ground!!). No idea what kind of car she is looking for, nor price range. What we are looking for is a trustworthy dealer who wont try to pass on a lemon, pressure to sell a car that has been sitting on the lot for ages, a flood damaged car from Vic/Qld, etc. if you get my drift. If you know of an 'honest' dealer who sells quality then please post up the details. It'd be appreciated. Honesty and Service is the key here. I think she just wants to go look and get it over and done with. - Tangles
  5. Tangles

    Formula 1 2013

    Shaun, I certainly dont believe that MW will ever take the WDC crown, but Im hoping that he comes in front of SV in the points by years end. Also, Id be pretty certain another 'decent' team would arrange a seat for him for a year, but most likely scenario is retirement at years end, yes.
  6. Tangles

    Formula 1 2013

    Just read the news.... ouch. In soccer, individuals & teams (clubs on the whole, from top to bottom) get into serious trouble for match fixing. Q: Why is F1 so different? Time to follow a new team I think; Lotus? Where's Nissan? But quietly hoping MW fires up, does his own thing (ie fuc* orders!) before moving to a different team, and smashes the Tool in WDC points by the end of the year.....
  7. Im sorry, but in this instance I just cant agree with this comment ^ Speaking from experience with my Stag without hotdog = drone with hotdog = drone (mostly) gone. Not talking about a decrease in noise volume, rather the sound it used to make pre-hotdog within the cabin at a constant rpm @ cruise. I wouldnt recommend it if I hadnt seen a positive result myself....... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Magnaflow-13743-7-Dia-Round-Stainless-Steel-Univ-Muffler-3-Inlet-Outlet-18-L-/380574863837?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item589c0791dd
  8. Magnaflow mid resonator. ie Hotdog get off ebay USA......
  9. Still for sale: R34 / Stagea S2 auto tiptronic control box - $50 pickup from Christies Downs, SA Also for sale: C34 S1 cargo net - $50 pickup Stock S1 C34 Stagea swaybars, front and rear - $20 pickup
  10. Pics plz?? How much was the rust component? ta.....
  11. Intake: Apexi power intake pod filter Z32 AFM Metal hard pipe turbo intake kit Exhaust: 3” JustJap stainless steel single dump pipe system (bolted to GT3076r) 3” 100-cell cat 3” cat-back exhaust system with Magnaflow mid-muffler (straight through 'hotdog' resonator) and Kakimoto GTR Racing rear-muffler (straight through) Magnaflow made all the difference to quieting the "drone"
  12. See Shaun dunns at Boostworx, or Martin donnan at Willall Racing (Adelaide)
  13. ATS Adelaide turbo services highflowed mine. Stock nissan V45 front compressor housing, ported out to the max. Garrett gt30 ball bearing core, internal wastegate Avo .73ar skyline exhaust housing Very happy with it. Owned for a few years now too. Was nice at 250kw at 16psi with leaking rings, now forged motor but not power tuned yet. Expecting at least +270kw on around 18psi.
  14. Been faultless since installing. A good option as a piggyback if you've got access to a great tuner. Will finally do a power tune mid year with the forged bottom end.
  15. Perhaps a new Blitz (se?) return flow cooler might be worth looking at, around $600 delivered. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BLITZ-SE-INTERCOOLER-KIT-SKYLINE-R32-R33-R34-HCR32-ECR33-ER34-RB20DET-RB25DET-/320842554529?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4ab3b4dca1 Love the front lip mod. Im Soooooooooooo going to grab one. One day...... to fix the cut away centre bottom of my dayz bar http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/370642933863?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  16. lol I went from ~76kg to 108kg in around 3years at the gym, between ages 19-21 Then added 10 more the next year doing weights at home, but that would have been mainly "weight" & not muscle
  17. dented pride..... so poor I had to beg for $4 to get my car out of a carpark after the machine didnt recognize my 'early bird' rate
  18. Anyone this friday 22nd ? Might head down with my kids (although only if I receive a post delivery tomorrow that I need to get to my G/f's afterwards)
  19. Not entered, so will park down one of the streets, but will come out and have a look with my kids. Will wear my SAU:sa club shirt with Tangles written on it, so say hi!!! Im the grandpa of the group, in terms of years owned
  20. crank angle sensor wire (into ecu) was shorting out on mine. Same issue ^ Now fixed
  21. No he's not - he's my height @ 2metres tall, and obviously has wide hips. Males arnt meant to have an hourglass shape, like women.
  22. out of interests sake - I ended up with a GT30 highflow from ATS Adelaide Turbo Services. Garrett GT3076 part # 700177-5015 Internal wastegated ball bearing with ported Nissan 45V4 front housing AVO .73 6-bolt skyline rear housing
  23. If it all fails, what about a Nismo rear bumper? can get from Monkey Warehouse http://www.monkeywarehouse.com.au/01nissan.htm
  24. I need one too.... ^ You can get them in singles, to suit Rb25det, for $95 off ebay, new. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/221122372152?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  25. yeah a few months in terms of a couple of cars stocked on the premises, & there are some v.small signs there. Im sure I saw some imports there quite some time ago, then they wernt there....
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