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  1. I quickly made these up for my study music, Trance mix 1-7. CD-length. yes, thats the sort of shite I listen to
  2. ah, I remember that, many moons ago now. wire in a Apexi SAFC, dynotune, ??????, profit
  3. a real BIG man was struggling at the gym today, could see his motivation wasnt there. went up to him and simply said "think of your body as a toilet roll. work hard and you'll strip off a square each time. you might not see it, but in time the toilet roll becomes depleted; the layers removed." could see him go up a notch after that. great session today
  4. I dont think its "natural" as such, just due to previous circumstances Will work hard at the gym, and use supps, over the next 1/4 year and see what happens. Id hope Id have a natural rise in LH, and hence teste, over that period; if not then will hit the Drs cheers for the info
  5. hahaha! No pics of ME until I get a bit ripped. =p sharing is caring - http://i59.photobuck...115777827_n.jpg edit - drink extra virgin olive oil? ewww. do I have to? lol. cheers TTT. I thought it may be a dr appointment. We'll see if I cant feel as if its upped over the next few months of working out. Taking "zma" and D-aa already. Will look into the reversatrol and toco-8 Vit-E
  6. Query - how do you go about getting a testosterone level reading? Id bet that Im pretty low. Few reasons for that I guess, such as previously having long-term depression etc. Now that Ive got recently won over a (HOT 6ft redheaded amazonian) girlfriend Id like to rectify this....... Taking supps such as iron tablets, zinc / magnesium / B6, d-aspartic acid (+ other bcaa's). I understand that doing the 'dirty' will also help raise teste levels. Suggestions?
  7. lmao! f**kn love it enjoying getting back to the gym. will be trying hard to not let it lose out to Uni studies again next year, but for now, 14 weeks to get into it 4-5x a week means its going to be an enjoyable summer; legs - you gonna suffa!
  8. No squats is > than doing it in a smith machine. You'll injure yourself.... Love smashing these legs. No squats makes me cry inside tho Trying Maxs mass gainer cookies & cream, omg so nice!! My mix I made up is horrid, but with a cple of scoops of max irs like a party in my mouth, without nuts!!
  9. Gt3076 would be insane with a bigger high stall converter....... currently just got a shift kit, but when it reaches positive pressure it 'hoiks' up quick to 1bar (current setting) v.quick package with forged bottom end & cams still yet to do final 1.5bar tune tho
  10. Pec major Muscle. http://radiology.rsna.org/content/210/3/785.figures-only yes, sure its one muscle, with one insertion, but does in fact have two seperate origins
  11. No Birds, cant run, cant lunge. Add to that I try not to carry too much 'weight' as the legs arnt all that stable. Long lever joints (2 metres tall) and no knees isnt good, lol Not much else I can do bar what I mentioned previously I guess. Oh, and T-man, riding f**ks me up, hahaha! all's good.
  12. no knees literally, in every sense of the word (dbl patellectomy + tibial tuberosity transfers). most I can 'physically' squat is like 1/10th the way down. wedged patella tendons through the tibia just wont support body weight squats are out of the question, and deadlifts really make my legs try to 'collapse' in at the kneejoint during the lift. while I understand these basic exercises, plus a couple others (pullups, dips,) are the backbone to making gains, in my particular case it just doesnt seem worth it (risk, that is). hence calf raise, ham curl, lightish leg etxn, leg press if the tendons arnt black and bruised ;p
  13. Nice read Markos.... so, what is the suggestion for someone who CANT do squats (impossible for me)? SLDL's also seem to want to make my legs collapse, so I dont do them as its not worth injuring myself over (cant do bent leg) from what I understand: build those thighs, and the rest of the body 'gains' I stick to calf raise as my "warm up", ham curls, leg extn, sometimes leg press (depends how the no-knees are feeling) - 5sets of 12 reps for all leg movements, then start upperbody with lat pulldowns and whatever else takes my fancy (ie shoulder, back, chest, etc). Just getting back into it after focussing too much on my studies over winter. Felt that I wasnt gaining once I went to a split system, and motivation dropped as my prioritories shifted to Uni stuff, so I'll be sticking to an all over routine for the next half a year I think....
  14. I think I had to drill two holes in the rail to line it up with the seat holes? Im 2m tall, and the bride super low rail gives me plenty of head and leg room
  15. well Uni got on top of me for quite a few months there - back to the beginning starting again in the morning prior to start of new uni semester, havent been to the gym for 4 months now, not good must try to find a good middle ground between study and 3 weight sessions a week enjoyed far too much iced coffee of late as for 'no rest' - thats how Ive always attacked the weight work, no rest as such (30secs between sets at most, and the walk to a new exercise area is rest enough) to keep the heart rate & sweat up, means you dont need to worry about cardio IMO
  16. Ive got D1 Drift racing seat (autobarn), and use Bride super low seat rail to suit Nissan (ebay)
  17. Only way to do it would be to grab an emanage harness for 2-row plug, a Z32 ecu, and rewire. Id like to try this, but need ca$h to do it..... one day.
  18. yeah Ive had that rubber front lip for a few years now. looks good for what it is.
  19. f*k yeah Webbs! Brought it home, well done
  20. Yeah... bit of both Ive got a Toshi R33 ecu chip fitted to my standard stagea ecu (posted Toshi my ecu and he fitted the tuned chip) Then its tuned at boostworx using a piggyback ecu, a AEM F/IC-8 which is a USA version of the greddy emanage ultimate, to adjust a variety of the settings such as injectors, etc No reason that I can see that my setup wont reach 270rwkw now Ive got forged pistons, once I crank the boost; S15 injectors probably the limiting factor at this stage Ive got a Z32 ecu sitting here, one day would like to have it rewired to suit the 3-row pin ecu plug of the stagea and nistune board fitted, then drop in some 550'cc injectors and go for 300rwkw...... one day.
  21. I'll be there from 6-6.30pm with my youngest son for a chinwag & a meal.
  22. 12psi is doable, however the turbo would be stressed anywhere beyond this point. Risk is the age/kms of turbo and the fact that the ceramic exhaust wheel can shatter or come off due to heat. It has been proven there is no power gain above 14psi, 10psi - 12psi is considered to be 'safe' so to speak, but the risk of failure is greater at 12 psi over 10psi.
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